Thursday 27 May 2021

Check out GolfForcast for Free

I’ve been speaking with Jim, the brains behind GolfForecast, and he’s giving Golf Predictor users/followers a free trial for a month to try their service. is a cutting edge golf data analysis platform, primarily used for betting tips. They use modern data science and machine learning algorithms to make predictions and forecast results of upcoming golf events. They then compare these forecasts with the odds available from bookmakers and thus determine who to bet on and how much to bet in order to maximise the chances of making profit.

Key Features

GolfForecast has some really powerful features to really give you an edge, including:

1. Betting market analysis

This is a super valuable feature and is worth the subscription alone, I don’t know of anyone else offering this kind of thing. Firstly they compare all the bookies odds and each way terms (on and then calculate which odds and terms are best for each player. Below Paddy Power are offering the best odds and terms for Billy Horschel. The column ‘Normalised’ shows the odds you should get for Billy if the market was fair (bookies give you worse odds than they should so that they can make money), this is useful for comparing with the odds available on exchanges like Betfair. 


They also compare bookies as a whole to find the value in the market, shown by the highlighted number. This number changes based on the prestige of the event, majors usually have a really low overround of maybe just 1% whereas small European Tour events can have overrounds of 20% or more. If this number were ever negative you could bet on every golfer, with the best bookie, and be guaranteed to make money. They also show you which bookies are best for each event.



2. Stake optimisation and personalisation

They customise advised stakes to your bank roll. You enter how much you want to stake per event and then they divide this amount amongst the players tipped as their algorithm sees as optimal.


3. Choice of algorithm

Basically they’ve got two algorithms: one for maximising your return on investment and one that balances this with maximising strike rate. They recommend using the second one for reasons explained here.

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