Monday 6 July 2020

Betting Odds Comparison Updated

Field Stats (Odds) page for the Rocket Mortgage Classic, showing pop-up for Webb Simpson

Further to this post, I've resurrected this feature on Golf Predictor. While it looks almost the same as before, I have completely changed the back end to make it much easier to produce. As a quick refresher, this page shows the field ranked by their GP Score and the approximate fair odds they should be at given that GP Score. For tournaments that have bookie prices imported, the bookie rank for each player is also shown in a column along with the best price for him and the bookie(s) offering it in the pop-up on the Odds column. This can be seen in the screenshot above for Webb Simpson ahead of the 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic.

Some notes on this page:
  1. This is subject to change, but I plan to do this for most US PGA Tour and bigger European Tour events. 
  2. The bookie rank for each player is based on his best price at the time of the comparison (see next point). 
  3. I can only display the odds and comparisons at the beginning of the week (usually Monday afternoon/early evening GMT). I recommend you use a site such as Oddschecker to get the latest best prices for each golfer.
  4. The Odds column is colour coded when the bookie odds are imported for a tournament. This allows you to see good and bad value at a glance. The greener the price is, the more undervalued Golf Predictor thinks the golfer is by the bookies and thus might be a good pick. Conversely, the redder the price, the more overvalued the golfer is. Yellow/gold means the bookies and Golf Predictor agree (more or less) on the ranking for a golfer.
  5. Often, many bookies (can be sixteen or more) have the same top price. This is impractical to display, so if there are more than four, the number of bookies and the name of one taken at random will be shown in the pop-up.
  6. I only can check the prices with a number of European bookies. However, the golfer ranks tend to be very similar for most bookies, so the colour coding could still be useful.
  7. All odds are displayed "X/1". Some best odds at the top end from the bookies may not be like this. For example, odds of 11/2 will be displayed as 5.5/1.

Hopefully, this page will be useful for anyone looking for value bets for a tournament. This information is available for free for all Golf Predictor users, so sign up today to Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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