Saturday 30 May 2020

Results By Form Pages Added to Golf Predictor

New Results Form (Tournaments) page for the 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational

Similar to the existing Compare Form, Field Form and Winners Form pages on Golf Predictor, I have added two new "Results by Form" pages to the site. These new pages are available from the Results menu and also show each golfer's form in previous tournaments. However, these new pages show the results of the tournament, as opposed to the field stats ahead of the tournament.

This means you can now easily see things like the following:
  1. Which golfers have come from nowhere to place well (or win!) the event.
  2. Which golfers have bombed, despite good form leading up to the event.
  3. Which golfers have continued to improve their results and which golfers have continued to slide.
  4. Which golfers have kept their consistently good or bad runs going.
  5. Which golfers were good or bad DraftKings picks (DraftKings salary and average points per game are on the table).
  6. Which golfers played well despite no/little recent form e.g. Tyrrell Hatton in the screenshot above.

Like the other pairs of pages listed above, the first of the new "Results by Form" pages shows the previous ten matching results for each golfer while the second page shows the results from the fifteen previous matching tournaments. You can link from one page to the other using the link on each page.

The notes on the second of these new pages are very similar to those on the "Form Golfer (Field) - Tournaments" page, so please refer to that for more information. In addition, the following notes apply to both now pages:
  1. As this is of lesser use for older events and relatively computationally intensive, I have limited this new functionality to tournament results in the current season. 
  2. Due to the computationally intensiveness of these pages, the information for the entire field on these two new pages is restricted to donors (more below).
  3. As in the other pages mentioned above, hovering over the golfer name shows more information. In these new pages, you get the round scores and total in addition to a summary of the golfers performance in the matching tournaments. This can be seen above for Marc Leishman.
  4. As in the other pages mentioned above, you can also see more information by hovering over the DraftKings salary and the matching tournament columns.
These new pages should prove useful for analysing picks for completed tournaments, especially for DraftKings DFS purposes. This in turn should help with picks for future events. As this is a donor only feature, free site users will only see the data for golfers who finished in 11-25th*. However, you can donate after you log in to see the data for the entire tournament field. So, please consider donating today to reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

* Depends on the ties for a particular tournament.

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