Saturday 2 May 2020

'Form Golfers (Field) - Tournaments' Page Added to Golf Predictor

New Field Form (Tournaments) page for the 2020 Players Championship

Further to the recent addition of the Form Golfer (Field) page, I have added a new version of the page to Golf Predictor. This new version is available from the new link below the Tournaments drop-down box on the original Form Golfers (Field) page, which is available on the Form menu. There is also a similar link on the new page (see the screenshot above for the 2020 Players Championship) back to the original Form Golfers (Field) page. This new page still lists each golfer with his DraftKings salary, but it differs from the existing Form Golfers (Field) page in the following ways:

  1. The table shows all recent tournaments, regardless of whether any given player played in it or not (the original page only shows events each golfer played in). This means there will be gaps in the rows where a golfer has skipped events. You can see these gaps in the image above for all three players listed.
  2. There is no average and standard deviation on this table. Because of the gaps mentioned above, I deemed it not as useful as in the original page.
  3. To compensate for the above omission, I have added five more tournament fields to the table. That means you can can a significant amount of history when viewing the results for a single tour (up to fifteen weeks or about one third of a season if using the "All Tournaments" scope).
  4. There is no "Both" option in the Tour drop-down box, so you must choose either the European or the US PGA Tour.
  5. There is a new "Include results from other tour?" checkbox under the Compare button as some of the bigger names (especially Europeans) play both tours. However, ticking this checkbox could halve the timespan covered in the table, as results for both tours are now shown. Since both scenarios have their advantages and disadvantages, I have provided the ability to see both. Most golfers tend to play on one tour only, so the default view excludes the tournaments from the other tour.

This new page showing every tournament in the previous fifteen weeks (if using the "All Tournaments" scope) makes certain things more apparent visually. You can see tournament and rest streaks on the chosen tour* for each golfer at a glance, allowing you to get an indication if a golfer has played too much or too little recently. You can also easily see correlated events in the previous fifteen tournaments by examining the results in each column. Since each column now has the result for the same tournament for each golfer, it is possible to see, for example, that in 2020, the Mayakoba event, the Genisis Invitational and the WGC in Mexico seem to have similar good results for many golfers.

Some notes on this new page (many similar to the notes for the original page) :
  1. As this new page is computationally intensive, this data restricted to the current week's events, and is available after the field stats are created and before the results are input into the system. This is usually approximately from Monday evening to Sunday evening (GMT) of the tournament week. However, The Players Championship was cancelled after it began due to the Coronavirus, so there are no results and the field stats are still on the system (for now!), so you can see this new page for that event.
  2. Further to the above point, you cannot change the GP Season in the drop down box.
  3. To keep things manageable, there is no sorting on the form data. However, you can sort by GP Rank, golfer name and DraftKings salary.
  4. To ensure even the longest names can appear in the space available, the golfer names are displayed in one column in the Lastname, Firstname format.
  5. Golfers with no DraftKings information are assigned "n/a" in the table. The metrics (finishing position, round scores etc.) are colour coded depending on their values, as shown in the screenshot above.
  6. Hovering over a golfer name will show a summary of his performance in the matching (up to fifteen) tournaments.
  7. Hovering over a tournament (T1-15) in the table for a golfer will show more information about that tournament and the golfer's performance in it. This is shown above for the T2 column for Rory McIlroy. You can still hover over the "-" to get the name of any tournament that the golfer skipped.
  8. If there aren't enough matching tournaments to fill out the table, e.g. a new tournament with no course history, the table will be filled out with  "--", with no pop up.
  9. There is a key table at the bottom of the page explaining the column headers.
  10. The original Form Golfers (Field) page has been renamed slightly to the 'Form Golfers (Field) - Results' page to distinguish it more from this new page.
This great new page should prove very useful for deciding on good picks for upcoming tournaments, especially for DraftKings DFS contests. As this is a donor only feature, free site users will only see the data for golfers ranked 11-25 by the GP algorithm. However, you can donate after you log in to see the data for the entire tournament field. So, please consider donating today to reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

*Doesn't show the golfer's results on the other major tour, unless the new checkbox is selected. Also, note that some weeks have more than one event on a particular tour.

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