Sunday 10 May 2020

Compare Form Pages Enhanced on Golf Predictor

New Compare Tee-off Groups Form (Tournaments) page for the 2020 Players Championship

Further to the recent addition of the Form Golfer (Field) - Tournaments page and Winners' Form - Tournaments pages, I have added new versions of the Compare Form and Compare Tee-off Groups Form pages to Golf Predictor. On each page ('Form' menu), this new version is available from the new link below the Tournament drop-down box. There is also a similar link on the new pages (see the screenshot above for the Compare Tee-off Groups Form for the 2020 Players Championship) back to the original Compare Form page. These new pages still list the same golfers, but they differ from the existing Compare Form pages in several ways: please click on the "Form Golfer (Field) - Tournaments" link above to see these differences. 

These new pages showing every tournament in the previous fifteen weeks (if using the "All Tournaments" scope) makes certain things more apparent visually. You can see tournament and rest streaks on the chosen tour* at a glance for each golfer shown, allowing you to get an indication if a golfer has played too much or too little recently. As each column lists the same tournament for each golfer, you can also easily see correlated events in the previous fifteen tournaments by examining the table.

The notes on these new pages are very similar to those on the "Form Golfer (Field) - Tournaments" page linked above, so please refer to that for more information. In addition, the following notes apply:
  1. I have also added Same Region form to the Scope dropdown for both the original and new Compare Form pages.
  2. There are no graphs on these new pages, unlike their original counterparts.That is because there are now gaps in the results which makes these less useful and less visually appealing.
These great new pages should prove very useful for deciding on good picks for upcoming tournaments, particular for match up bets. This information is available for free for all Golf Predictor users, so sign up today to Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

*Doesn't show the golfer's results on the other major tour, unless the new checkbox is selected. Also, note that some weeks have more than one event on a particular tour.

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