Monday, 16 March 2020

'Tournament Winners by Round Rank' Page Enhanced

2020 US PGA Tour winners (to date) with new extra stats panel

Further to this post, I have added a useful new stats panel to the 'Tournament Winners by Round Rank' page on Golf Predictor. This new panel is located under the existing table of winners, as shown in the screenshot above for 2020 US PGA Tour events (up to the week of the Arnold Palmer Invitational). You can now read the season breakdown of the winners' positions after each round directly off the screen or see the breakdown visually with the pop-up charts available on the final row of the new panel. You can also see the average position for the winners after each round and how many rounds this was calculated over. Some notes on this new panel:
  1. To facilitate the easier collation of these stats, I have removed the pager for the winners table on this page.
  2. I have replaced the three non-pop-up charts which were located above the winners table with the three pop-up charts located on the last row of the new panel. These new pop-up charts show the same information as the replaced charts, but are generated differently.
  3. The tournament winners table is now collapsible by clicking on it. This will allow you to see the new stats panel easier for years with a lot of tournaments. You can also click on the link in the introduction section.
  4. This page update shows some interesting stats at a glance, such as the low number of first round leaders that win events. This tends to be about 20% percent for the PGA Tour and around 15% for the European Tour. This goes up to about 60% and 55% for round three leaders for the respective tours in recent years.
  5. You might be surprised about the number of winners that aren't even in th top ten after round one, especially on the PGA Tour!
Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better! The stats on this new panel should help you make better in-tournament decisions. So, sign up today and reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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