Sunday 26 January 2020

Field Rankings (Field) Page Added to Golf Predictor

Composite image of the Field Rankings (Field) page for the 2020 Farmers Insurance Open.

As mentioned in the post on the site going free, I am pleased to announce the addition of donor only advanced functionality to Golf Predictor. This useful new page shows the field ranks of the entire field in various metrics at a glance and is available from the 'Predictions' menu in the Member section. As can be seen in the screenshot above for the 2020 Farmers Insurance Open, these field ranks are colour coded and the average value is calculated for each golfer. This new page will allow you to easily spot the relative performance of the golfers in the field in these metrics. The field rankings visible for the field on this page are:
  1. GP season average
  2. Last 5 events average
  3. Similar length course average
  4. World ranking
  5. Wins in current GP Season
  6. Top tens in current GP Season
  7. Wins in last 12 similar events
  8. Top tens in last 12 similar events
  9. Course average
  10. Tournament average
  11. Last 12 similar event average
  12. Same Region average
  13. Cut streak
  14. Winless streak

Some notes on this new page :
  1. As this new page is computationally intensive, this data restricted to the current week's events, and is available after the field stats are created and before the results are input into the system. This is approximately from Monday evening to Sunday evening (GMT) of the tournament week.
  2. Further to the above point, you cannot change the GP Season in the drop down box.
  3. To keep things manageable, there is no sorting on the field rank data. However, you can sort by GP Rank and golfer name.
  4. To ensure even the longest names can appear in the space available, the golfer names are displayed in the Lastname, Firstname Initial format.
  5. Golfers with no data for a metric are assigned "n/a" in the table and are skipped for the average calculation. These metrics are colour coded brown, as shown in the screenshot above.
  6. Hovering over a golfer name will show a summary of the rankings in the various metrics. This is shown above for Jon Rahm.
  7. Hovering over a field rank in the table for a golfer will show more information and show what the column header means. This is shown above for the WS (Winless Streak) column for John Rahm.
  8. There is a key table at the bottom of the page explaining the column headers.
I hope this new page will prove useful for deciding on good picks for upcoming tournaments. As this is a donor only feature, free site users will only see the data for golfers ranked 11-25 by the GP algorithm. However, you can donate after you log in to see the data for the entire tournament field. So, please consider donating today to reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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