Sunday 29 December 2019

Golf Predictor Now Free!

I would like to announce that Golf Predictor is now free to use by everyone! I have taken this move after over eleven years of running Golf Predictor on a subscription based model. Developing Golf Predictor to its current state has involved thousands of development hours and many hours almost every single week updating the stats over that time. My personal circumstances have changed this year and it is unlikely that I will continue to be able to dedicate the time to this task. Therefore, I have decided to make the site free in 2020, in case I will not be able to supply the service at the highest possible level.

The site has been updated to show everything* that was previously hidden behind the pay wall to all logged in users. There is no catch or your data will never be sold to anybody. I only ask that you consider donating every now and again to help keep the site alive. I have always run this site as a labour of love, but now that my only revenue stream will be donations, the site shall be dependant on this for continued operation. Instead of prompts encouraging you to subscribe, you will now get similar prompts asking you to donate instead. If you should be gracious enough to do so, these prompts will be hidden for the period of time indicated on the new donate page. To procure another revenue stream, I may add advertising or sponsorship to the site at a future date.

The terms and conditions have been updated to take account of this big change. I haven't missed a week in over eleven years, but now that it's free, that perfect streak may no longer be maintained. I'm not planning to skip any weeks, but unlike in the past, I may not update the site during holidays or other events, such as family funerals etc.

The service may get many more users, now that it's free. However, unless the donations bring in sufficient funding, I will not be able to upgrade the hosting plan. The service will be free, so please don't complain about the site performance unless you are a donor. If you use the site, especially if you do not wish to donate, I would appreciate a shout out on social media or recommendation to your friends.

The donation process is exactly the same as the previous subscription process, save for the addition of a much cheaper donation option. This is so I can leverage the existing payment infrastructure. As before, the donations/subscriptions are once off payments, i.e. you will NOT get a recurring charge. The new cheaper option covers one week and hides the donate prompts for four days. That is enough to cover the tournaments for one week, assuming you donate at the right time!

Current subscribers have two options: you may continue to support the site and you will not be shown any donate prompts until your subscription runs out. Alternatively, since the site is now free, if you want your outstanding subscription fee back, that's totally fine. Obviously, I would appreciate the former, but in the case of the latter, I will return the unused percentage of your subscription**. Please send me an email with your decision. I plan to email all subscribers directly in the near future, but please get in touch if I don't contact you. In addition to not seeing any donate prompts, only donors will be able to see all the results for a tournament. I also plan to add a few great tools for donors only, as a reward for supporting the site.

I'd like to thank everyone for supporting GP down through the years and I wish you a happy year of free golf analysis on GP in 2020! Note that you may have to reload any pages (Ctrl+F5 on Windows) to see the changes to the site.

* Except for full tournament results. Only donors can have access to that infomation.
**PayPal fees may be non-refundable for older subscriptions (their rules, not mine!).

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