Friday, 15 March 2019

Region Change Accommodated on Golf Predictor

Due to The Players Championship moving back to March and thus into the Florida Swing, I have had to accommodate this on Golf Predictor. This is because the Florida Swing is one of the "logical" regions on Golf Predictor (along with the West Coast Swing) and is distinct from tournaments held in Florida at other times of the year (such as The Players Championship in previous seasons on Golf Predictor).

This means that from 2019 on (and while it remains it March), The Players Championship will be deemed to be in the Florida Swing, rather than the Florida US region. However, when viewing stats in the system for The Players Championship in seasons before 2019, the event will remain in the original Florida US region. In addition, when computing region stats for the Florida Swing, The Players Championship will only be included from 2019 on (and while it remains it March).

The updating of the system to allow for a region change will make it easy in the future to add any other similar changes to the system. This latest update means Golf Predictor now deals with changes in course par, tournament name, tournament format, season structure, course region and player names. Besides that, there are are no complications in the system!

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