Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Field Comparison Spider Charts Added to Golf Predictor

Field Comparison for the Dell Technologies Championship with Season Average Selected and Dustin Johnson hovered over.

Similar to the field comparison charts added to the site some time ago, I am pleased to announce nine new field comparison spider/radar/star charts to Golf Predictor. These new charts allow you to see at a glance which golfers have the best values in the historical metric of your choosing. In comparison to the existing field comparison charts referred to above, these new charts are star/radar charts and compare the entire field for one metric.

The complete list of new charts is as follows:
  1. Spider chart of season average for the field.
  2. Spider chart of course average for the field.
  3. Spider chart of tournament average for the field.
  4. Spider chart of Tournament average for the field.
  5. Spider chart of last five average for the field.
  6. Spider chart of  last twelve similar events average for the field.
  7. Spider chart of  same region average for the field.
  8. Spider chart of similar field strength average for the field.
  9. Spider chart of similar weather average for the field.
Most of these charts are available in two locations: all nine together on the Rankings page (Predictions menu) and individually on each of the first seven pages in the Form menu (Same Course, Same Tournament, Season, Last 5 Events, Similar Tournaments, Same Region and Similar Field Strength). The chart available on the main Rankings page (Predictions menu) has a drop down box allowing you to pick a different metric. However, when the same individual chart is available from a page in the Form menu, this drop down box is not necessary. All these pages have a new "Compare Field (Spider)" chart link which displays a chart similar to the screenshot above. The Rankings page contains a link to the chart shown above, which shows the average finish in the current GP Season (calendar year) for the field ahead of the 2018 Dell Technologies Championship.

This brings the total number of charts on Golf Predictor up to 575. Some notes on these new charts:
  1. The nearer the points are to the centre of the chart, the better (the lower the average value is).
  2. Hovering over a point on the chart will show the golfer's name, his value in the metric, the number of events played and his GP Rank, as shown above for Dustin Johnson.
  3. The chart is ordered by GP Rank, with the top ranked golfer (DJ in the chart above) in the twelve o'clock position. As can be seen above, this means the values will tend to be lower in the upper right quadrant (higher ranked golfers) and higher in the upper left quadrant (lower ranked golfers).
  4. Due to the large number of golfers typically shown on these new charts is large, it is not possible to show the labels for each golfer in the field for legibility reasons. Therefore, the labels are shown for every n golfers, where n depends on the number of golfers displayed. This value varied from every golfer to every sixth golfer. For example, the chart above with 98 golfers shows the label for every fourth golfer.
  5. Also for legibility purposes, golfer names are truncated if their surname is too long. This is shown above for B(ryson) DeChambeau.
  6. Golfers with no value for the metric are excluded from the chart and are listed underneath instead. These zero values are also excluded from the average field value shown.
  7. You may have to reload a page (press F5 on Windows) to see the new chart links.
I trust you will find these nine new charts useful for quickly spotting good picks for upcoming tournaments. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

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