Saturday, 26 May 2018

Strokes Gained for European Tour Added to Golf Predictor

Further to this post from a few years ago, I am pleased to announce that strokes gained for the European Tour has been added to Golf Predictor. This data has only recently become available and because of its importance, it has been added to the site. It will be available for European Tour events from week 21, 2018 (the week of the BMW PGA Championship). Some notes on this new strokes gained functionality:
  1. This new strokes gained data is available on the existing Rankings (Strokes Gained) page on the Predictions menu. To facilitate this, you can now select your tour of interest in the Tour drop down box.
  2. For consistency, the stats imported are the same as those imported for the US PGA Tour, i.e. strokes gained total, strokes gained rank (based on total), strokes gained tee to green and strokes gained putting. This also allows me to use the existing infrastructure for the strokes gained stats, already used for the US PGA Tour stats.
  3. For the first few weeks, the source strokes gained values seemed to change every day. That appears to have stopped now, but the values will be imported on the Monday of tournament week, whatever they are!
  4. For tournaments on both tours (i.e. majors and WGCs), the strokes gained for the US PGA Tour will be used, as this will cover more of the top players. 
  5. The strokes gained for each tour are kept separate on the strokes gained charts on the Other tab of golfer Prediction Data pages. It doesn't make much sense to combine them, given the definition of strokes gained is dependent on averages for the particular tour. Given the previous point, data for majors and WGCs only appear on charts for golfers in US PGA Tour events.
  6. In some instances, the names (or more accurately, the name variant) used in the source strokes gained lists do not appear to be the same as those used in the other lists (e.g. entry and results). I will endeavour to fix these anomalies as they are found, but some may fall between the cracks. This may prevent those particular golfers from having their data imported for that week.
  7. I have checked/updated the Field Ranking, Rankings (Filter) and the DFS Lineup Builder pages to make sure that the strokes gained options now work for European Tour events, where the data is available.
  8. You may have to refresh any page with strokes gained information (F5 on Windows) you have viewed recently to see the new European strokes gained statistics. 
  9. I wanted to have this functionality live ahead of the start of the flagship BMW PGA Championship. However, due to the fact that I finally got to fulfil a long-time dream of visiting the amazing Skellig Michael (aka Star Wars island!) this week, I was unable to go live during the week!

I trust you will find this new strokes gained functionality useful for your European Tour analysis. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

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