Sunday, 11 March 2018

PlayON Analysis Added to Golf Predictor

Other panel on the Prediction Data page for DJ at the 2018 WGC - Mexico Championship, showing new PlayON DFS panel and renamed original DFS panel

New DFS sub-menu
PlayON Field Dollars per Point chart for the 2018 WGC - Mexico Championship

Further to this post from a few weeks ago, I am pleased to announce that PlayON DFS analysis has been added to Golf Predictor. The analysis is similar to the existing DraftKings features on the site and is comprised of the following:
  1. A new Predictions (PlayOn) page with seven new charts, similar to those on the existing Predictions (DFS) page. The latter page has been renamed - see note one below. These new charts include a great zoomable chart showing the value picks at a glance.
  2. A new PlayOn panel added to the Other tab on the Prediction Data page for each golfer (see first screenshot above). There are 4 new charts on this panel, again similar to those on the DFS panel (now renamed to DraftKings panel).
  3. A new PlayON DFS Builder page, where you can filter the field by over fifty metrics and build your PlayON line-up.
  4. PlayON Salary and points per game have been added to the Field rankings page with a new chart for each (same as two charts on the new Predictions (PlayOn) page).
  5. Two new PlayOn filters are now on the Filter Predictions page (bringing the total number of filters to 59), but not on the DraftKings DFS Builder page, where they are not relevant. Similarly, the DraftKings filters are not on the new PlayON DFS Builder page.  
Of course, this means that there will be even more data that I will have to import into the system on a weekly basis, but it should be of great benefit to PlayON DFS golf players. Some notes on this new PlayON functionality:
  1. I have renamed some existing pages now that there are two DFS companies catered for on the site. The existing DFS pages have been renamed to DraftKings, rather than the more generic DFS.
  2. You can not export your line-up on the PlayON DFS Builder page, as PlayOn doesn't have a line-up import feature.
  3. I've noticed that the salaries in PO contests sometimes are different to that in the exported CSV. I can only go by what PlayOn supply in their downloadable CSV file on a Monday.
  4. I've displayed the PlayON salaries in thousands, rather than millions for two reasons: it makes them less unwieldy to deal with and it makes them the same as DraftKings (and hence easier for me!). I tried using "21.3" and "21300000" for 21.3 million, but both caused problems either with salary and/or average dollar per point. This means that 21.3 million is shown as 21300 on the site, i.e. whatever the PlayOn value is in millions, it is in thousands on GP. It doesn't affect the functionality as all money values (dollars per point and salary cap) are scaled down by the same factor (1000).
  5. I have added a new "DFS Options" sub-menu to the Predictions menu with all the renamed DFS pages for DraftKings and the new PlayON pages. This can be seen in the second screenshot above. I decided to use sub menus due to the number of options now on the Predictions menu. I will probably add at least one to the longer Form menu also to allow for future additions.
  6. This new "DFS Options" sub-menu gave me (many) more problems than the new PlayOn functionality! After a long battle, I was finally able to get it to work on all types of device. On PC, phones and tablets where you can see the normal menu, you have to click on this option to expand it to the right. On small mobile devices with a collapsed menu, the "DFS Options" sub-menu will be permanently expanded. Originally, I had the new DFS sub-menu appearing on hover, which worked great on mouse based devices (i.e. non touchscreen PCs). However, this caused the menu to malfunction (in different ways!) on various touch devices and on PCs with a touchscreen and a mouse (these hybrid devices were the worst!). Note that the sub-menu will remain open (when the Predictions menu is open) with the "DFS Options" highlighted when clicked until you click it again, even if you navigate to a different menu and back again. Of course, navigating to a different page will also close the sub-menu.
  7. Further to the above point, I have tested the new sub-menu on a non touchscreen PC, a touchscreen PC, an Android phone, an iPad and an iPhone. It appears to work on all these devices.
  8. Judging by the zoomable field dollars per point charts (see third screenshot above, for the 2018 WGC - Mexico Championship), PlayON seems to overvalue the high salary golfers considerably and undervalue the low salary golfers to a lesser degree. This is reflected in very red colour coding for the dollars per point column for the top players and green colour coding for lower ranked golfers. I have noticed this for all tournaments in the system so far and leads to the steep average line in the charts. DraftKings tends to have more balanced salaries for the field. 
  9. You may have to refresh any page (Ctrl + F5 on Windows) you have viewed recently to see the new sub menu and PlayON DFS options.

The new charts added as part of this new PlayON functionality brings total number of charts on the site crashing through the 500 barrier to 510! I trust you will find these new features useful for your PlayON DFS endeavours. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

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