Sunday, 4 February 2018

Golf Predictor Member Pages go Secure!

Further to this post from a few weeks ago, I am pleased to announce that the member section of Golf Predictor has also been updated to use secure pages (SSL). This means almost all URLs for the site will now start with https:// rather than http:// and offer greater security to site users. One page had to be left using standard http as it wouldn't work (see notes below). This SSL upgrade task was bigger than it might have been, due to the way GP was developed originally prevent SSL from being used on most pages. However, this update will now make it much easier to make any similar changes in the future.

Please edit any relevant bookmarks you may have to point to the new URL (just add an "s" after http). Note that you will be automatically redirected to the secure URL if you continue to use the non-secure version.

Some notes on the SSL upgrade:
  1. The Odds Checker page (Information menu), which has an external page embedded in it, wouldn't work with SSL. Instead of removing it, I have left it as a non secure page.
  2. The three Google Maps pages used on the site also did not display under SSL. These were being displayed using an old control that was actually generating several warnings in the browser console. Therefore, I decided to redevelop these pages using the latest Google Maps API directly. These new map pages are SSL compatible and you can now also hover over a map marker and see the course name without having to click on the marker.
  3. While working on this, I was able to fix a few small bugs in the system. The most notable of these were some winner and tournament bar charts with only one or two bars. The formatting of these charts has been improved with much narrower bars.
  4. You may have to reload (press F5 on Windows) some cached pages in your browser to see the updated versions.

I have tested the site under SSL and everything appears to work as expected. If you notice any issues, please let me know via the Contact GP page. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

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