Thursday 16 November 2017

More Information Cards added to Golf Predictor

News cards and A-Z Picker on Courses page ('T' chosen)
Further to this post from a few weeks ago, I am pleased to announce that information cards have been added to more pages on Golf Predictor. Some of the stats shown in these new cards will obviate the need to sort the data table underneath them to an extent, while some of other stats are not shown on the data tables at all. As can be seen in the screenshot above showing courses beginning with "T", the stats on the cards are relevant to the page they are displayed on. Cards have been added to the following pages:

Predictions Menu
  1. Prediction Rankings (Streaks)
  2. Prediction Rankings (Odds)
  3. Prediction Rankings (DFS)
  4. Prediction Rankings (Strokes Gained)

Form Menu
  1. Same Course
  2. Same Tournament
  3. GP Season
  4. Last 5 Events
  5. Similar Tournaments
  6. Same Region
  7. Early/Mid/Late/Overall Season
  8. Round Scores
  9. R1 Performance Analysis
  10. R2 Performance Analysis
  11. R3 Performance Analysis

Information Menu
  1. Courses
  2. Tournaments
  3. Tournaments (Course)
  4. Tournaments (Field Strength)
  5. Golfers

Results Menu
  1. Results by GP Season

Other Stats Menu
  1. Winners (World Rankings)
  2. Winners (Pred Rankings)
  3. Tournament Stats
  4. Tournament Stats (Rounds)
  5. GP Season Stats
  6. GP Season Stats (Rounds)

I've also updated the A-Z picker on the Course and Tournaments pages on the Information menu. The new look picker can be seen in the screenshot above. Some notes on the new information cards:
  1. You may have to reload a page to see the new cards. This is because pages you have looked at are cached on your browser for performance reasons.
  2. You may have to reload a page to see the latest stats on some cards as golfers/results etc. are added every week.
  3. Like before, I tried to use appropriate images in the cards. Sometimes, that wasn't possible to do from the choices available in Font Awesome.
  4. The round averages on the Results and Tournament Stats pages shows the values for rounds one to four. For old Bob Hope five round tournaments, the round five average is omitted.
  5. I have added the percentage of the field that the most common nationality makes up on the existing nationality card on the Prediction Rankings page.
  6. All the stats on these new cards are available to all users.
  7. The winner stats cards counts a multiple winner separately each time he wins, e.g. in the count and nationality stats.
  8. The course lengths used are the latest available, so the average/max/min lengths may not be 100% accurate for previous seasons on pages like the Tournaments page.

I hope you will find all these extra new cards useful. A lot of work has gone into providing them and a total of 28 pages have been updated on the site with these great new cards. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better.

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