Saturday, 4 November 2017

Information Cards added to Golf Predictor

New cards on Prediction Page showing tournament information for the 2017 Shriners Hospital for Children Open

I am happy to announce the addition of information cards to the main Ranking page (Predictions Menu) on Golf Predictor. These colourful new cards show useful tournament information, some of which is already available on the Tournament page. The stats displayed on these cards are:
  1. The Field Size and maximum Performance Likelihood in the field.
  2. The Field Strength and average World Ranking in the field.
  3. The number of nationalities in the field and the country with the most golfers.
These new cards are shown in the screenshot above for the 2017 Shriners Hospital for Children Open. This screenshot was taken before the tee-off groups were added, so some of the stats have since changed (see note six below). Some notes on these new cards:
  1. The card colours were chosen to fit with the existing site colour scheme.
  2. I tried to pick the most appropriate image for each card from the options available in the Font Awesome list!
  3. Like in other locations on the site, only subscribers can see the Field Strength metric on the card. Non-subscribers will see a Subscribe link instead. All other card information is viewable by all users.
  4. At any given time, some new golfers on the US Tour may have a nationality of "UNK", which is the default when it is not known. I fix these on a regular basis, but it may make the nationality breakdown for some US events slightly inaccurate for a short period. This problem does not affect golfers on the European Tour.
  5. You may have to refresh the page files in your browser cache to see these cards properly in the first place. The easiest way to do this on Windows is to press Ctrl+F5 on the page. Alternatively, you can clear your browser cache, but this will also affect other sites.
  6. You may also have to refresh the page after the tee-off groups are added (usually on Tuesday evening, GMT). This is because this process can alter the field statistics as players are added or removed from the field.  
  7. Due to the proceeding three points, it is advised to reload this page after the addition of tee groups (usually on Tuesday) to ensure you are looking at the most up to date information.

I hope you will find these new cards useful. I will probably add similar ones to other pages in the future. Just another way to make Golf Predictor a little bit better.

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