Saturday 21 October 2017

More Tabs Added to Pages

New tabs on Prediction Data page for Justin Thomas ahead of the CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges

Further to this post from around a month ago, I am pleased to announce that more pages on Golf Predictor have been "tabified". In addition to the Golfer page (the first page updated with tabs), the Season Segment Data, Tournament and Prediction Data pages have all similarly been divided into tabs. As stated previously, this allows for better display of related information and easier, more modular development. The following is the list of new tabs:
  1. Season Segment Data Page (4): Overall, Early, Mid and Late season segment performance tabs.
  2. Tournament Page (4): General, Historical, Performance and Results tabs.
  3. Prediction Data Page (9): General Stats, Season/Last Five Event history, Course /Tournament History, Similar Tournament History, Similar Length Course History, Similar Weather History, Region History, Season Segment Stats and Other (DFS, Strokes Gained & Performance comparison table) tabs.
Unlike before, all related information is now displayed together, which should make for easier analysis. For example, in the screenshot above, you can see the Similar Length Course history panel for Justin Thomas ahead of the new CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges, which shows his stats panel and results table together. Previously, his stats panels were near the top of the Prediction Data page and all his results tables were much further down at the bottom of the page. Some notes on these new tabs:
  1. The tab names have been kept short to facilitate their display on smaller screens. If you are unsure about any tab title, simply click on it to see the heading.
  2. The modular development allowed by these tabs is already bearing fruit. I have added new stats to the Season Segment tab on the Prediction Data page and this code is exactly the same code that appears in the relevant tab (Early/Mid/Late) on the Season Segment Data page for the same golfer.
  3. The tabs have been restyled for smaller devices so that the nine tabs on the Prediction Data page are displayed on a single line. Of course, if further tabs are added in the future, this will probably not be possible on very small devices.
  4. You may have to reload/refresh site pages that may be cached on your browser. To do this on Windows, press Ctrl+F5 to reload all the updated files from the server.
As with the tabs added to the Golfer page, it may take a little time to get used to this data reorganisation, but I trust you will find it better in the long run. Just another way to make Golf Predictor a little better!

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