Tuesday 12 September 2017

Tabs & Stats Added to Golfer Page

New Golfer page for Rory McIlroy showing new tabs. The data and chart links in the Season Segment/Region tab are displayed.

Spider Chart for McIlroy's Region Performance, showing relatively poor performance in his home region and to a lesser extent, the Eastern US region.

I am pleased to announce the addition of tabs and more statistics to the Golfer page on Golf Predictor. This page is accessible from clicking on the icon beside a golfer's name on one of the many data pages or the Golfers page in the Information menu. While this has been planned for some time, I also got some user feedback which prompted me into action! The new stats added to this page are:
  1. All the prediction/field stats records in the system for the golfer in one place, i.e. his stats ahead of each event.
  2. All the DraftKings records in the system for the golfer in one place, i.e. his DraftKings stats ahead of each event.
  3. All the strokes gained stats records in the system for the golfer in one place, i.e. his strokes gained stats ahead of each event.
  4. The season segment (early/mid/late) stats in the system for the golfer, i.e. his up to date data in each part of the GP Season.
  5. All the region stats in the system for the golfer, i.e. his performance in each region he has played in.
To facilitate the addition of all these new stats, I have added tabs to the Golfer page. The four new tabs can be seen in the first screenshot above, which shows the Season Segment/Region tab for for Rory McIlroy. The existing information on the Golfer page was largely focussed on the results and this is now almost all located in the first tab. The only exception is the list of season statistics records, which have been moved to the same tab as the new predictions/field stats table. All these newly added stats were already in the system, but displayed in tournament focussed tables with other golfers (i.e. the field). These new tables added to the Golfer page focus on the golfer and show all his stats in one place. This will save you a lot of time should you be interested in the data for a particular golfer only. Some notes on these changes to the Golfer page:
  1. Most of the tab titles have been abbreviated to save space, particularly for smaller devices such as phones or tablets.
  2. Only the DraftKings/strokes gained data in the database is shown. These are not generally stored forever and may be cleared out at the end of every GP Season.
  3. Most of these newly displayed stats are based on stats generated or used for the prediction/field stats before a tournament. This is particularly relevant for region stats, which do not include the result of the actual tournament itself (if finished) in that region. However, in this case, you can hover over the region to see the result of the last tournament in the region. You can also click on the region name for see the complete Prediction Data page for the golfer for that tournament, which contains his results and further stats for that region.
  4. There are no column keys for the tables on these new tabs. However, most of the abbreviations should be self evident and are almost identical to those on the tables with the same data for the field. For example, the new DraftKings table has very similar columns to the existing Rankings (DFS) page, so you can refer to the key on this table if you are unsure. However, I have renamed some of the columns on these new player centric tables on the Golfer page to make them more obvious.
  5. Two spider charts have been added to the Golfer page, one existing chart for the season segment stats (already available on the Season Segment page) and one new chart for comparing region stats easily. The links for these new charts can be seen in the first screenshot above. This new chart is shown in the second screenshot above for Rory McIlroy. Interestingly, it shows that, despite a few wins, McIlroy's worst performances by a considerable margin over almost all other regions over the past five years have been in his home region*. Also, it shows that in the US, he does worst in the Eastern region, which includes major venues like Oakmont, Baltusrol and Congressional.
  6. You may have to refresh the GP site files in your browser cache to see the new tabs properly. The easiest way to do this on Windows is to press Ctrl+F5 on any GP page. Alternatively, you can clear your browser cache, but this will also affect other sites.

In addition to facilitating the display of large amounts of data, these tabs also allow for more modular development. Instead of one large monolithic page and associated code, I can now divide up the page into logical (and reusable, if necessary) chunks and use one per tab. Therefore, over the next while, I plan to add tabs to other pages on the site, including the Tournament and the main Prediction Data pages. In doing so, no stats will disappear, but some may be moved around, e.g. the course history data panel and associated results might be shown together in one tab. At the moment, the associated results are far down the prediction data page from the course history data panel.

The new regions spider chart brings the total number of charts on the site to 487 and these new stats should be very useful in helping you pick good golfers for your fantasy golf, DFS or betting needs. For the first time, a golfer's statistics are displayed in one place and information such as his relative performance in different parts of the world is displayed. 

Only subscribers can view this new chart and the new golfer centric data tables, so sign up today and reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

*Luckily, GP uses the British Isles as a region, which includes Britain and the whole island of Ireland. This allows me to dodge the political minefield!!

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