Saturday 26 August 2017

New Strokes Gained Chart Added to Golf Predictor

Field Strokes Gained chart for 2017 Northern Trust, showing Rickie Fowler's data

As above, with highlighted good performance areas

I am pleased to announce a useful new strokes gained chart for Golf Predictor. This new chart is available on the Rankings (Strokes Gained) page on the Predictions menu and it shows at a glance the strokes gained tee to green and strokes gained putting for the field. This new chart is shown above for the 2017 Northern Trust and shows the strokes gained tee to green on the vertical axis and strokes gained putting on the horizontal axis. As shown graphically in the second screenshot above, anyone near the right hand side of the chart is a relatively good putter and anyone in the upper half of the graph has a relatively good long game. The ideal location on the chart for a golfer is the upper right quadrant, where the two shaded regions above overlap. This signifies golfers with relatively good strokes gained values in both categories. One such golfer is the highlighted Rickie Fowler, who has a great value for putting in particular.

Some notes on this great new chart.
  1. It is similar to the Field DraftKings Dollars per Point chart previously described here. However, this chart has two average lines instead of the one average line in the DFS chart.
  2. The horizontal yellow line in the middle of the chart is the field average for strokes gained tee to green. The vertical blue line is the field average for strokes gained putting. These lines make it easy to identify the golfers with the best and worst strokes gained in each category at a glance.
  3. These average values for strokes gained tee to green and strokes gained putting are shown above the chart, as can be seen in the screenshots above. You can also hover over the lines to examine the values in the hover text. On each line, one co-ordinate (the average) will remain constant as you move along the line in question.
  4. Like the DraftKings chart mentioned above, this is also zoomable. Please click on the link in the first note above for a description of how this works.
  5. Like other strokes gained features on the site, this chart is only available for the US PGA Tour. Strokes gained are not available on the European Tour.

This great new strokes gained chart chart brings the total number of charts on the site to 486. Only subscribers can view this new chart, so sign up today and reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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