Tuesday, 25 October 2016

DFS (DraftKings) Lineup Picker now on Golf Predictor

New DFS Lineup Builder page showing some sliders & 3 golfers added to the lineup for the 2016 Portugal Masters

I am very happy to announce the addition of a great new 'DFS Lineup Builder' page to Golf Predictor. As can be glimpsed in the screenshot above, this new page is similar to the existing 'Filtered Prediction Rankings' page and is available from the same 'Predictions' menu in the Member section. However, while the 'Filtered Prediction Rankings' page simply allows you to identify golfers with certain statistics of your choosing, this new page goes further by allowing you to create a DFS lineup that you can export to DraftKings. 

In summary, this new page is a combination of the Filtered Prediction Rankings page on Golf Predictor and the Lineup Creator page on DraftKings! The sliders are the same on this new page as those on the 'Filtered Prediction Rankings' page, but the columns on the data table have been altered to contain just DFS data from DraftKings (i.e. salary, rank and average points per game). This can be seen in the screenshot above for the 2016 Portugal Masters, which has no filters actually applied so it shows the entire field. Some of the sliders are shown, as is the narrower data table containing the (filtered) field with DFS data underneath on the left. Pressing the "+" button on a row will transfer that golfer to the lineup table on the right. Conversely, pressing the "-" button on a row on the lineup table will remove that golfer from your lineup. Your remaining salary and number of golfers remaining will be automatically updated as you add and remove golfers and displayed above the lineup table. You can also export your completed lineup in a DraftKings compatible CSV file via the link above the lineup table.

Some notes on this new page (please see the notes on the 'Filtered Prediction Rankings' post, linked above, for slider specific notes) :
  1. To keep things manageable, there is no sorting or paging on the (filtered) field DFS data table (left hand side above) on this new page. Instead, similar to DraftKings, the entire field is displayed in a single table with a scroll bar.
  2. Due to the absence of sorting, the golfer names are displayed in both tables using the Firstname Lastname format. If necessary, you can search for a golfer using your browser search box.
  3. The 'Remaining Salary' and 'Spots Left' value labels above the lineup table are colour coded to assist you (see screenshot above). If you stay under the salary cap, the label will be green, but if you exceed the cap, it will be red. Finally, when you have exactly $0 left, the label will be black. Similarly, while you have golfers left to pick, the 'Spots Left' label will be red and when you have selected the required number (6), it will change to green. In short, while either of these labels are red, you cannot export your lineup to a CSV file.
  4. You can't add more than six golfers to the lineup table. You will get a pop-up message to that effect if you try.
  5. Adding a golfer to the DFS Lineup table doesn't remove him from the (filtered) field table (LHS). However, you can't add the same golfer more than once to the lineup table. You will get a pop-up message to that effect if you try.
  6. As alluded to above, you can't export your lineup to a DraftKings compatible CSV file unless you stay under the salary cap of $50,000. You will get a pop-up message to that effect if you try.
  7. As also alluded to above, you can't export your lineup to a DraftKings compatible CSV file unless you have selected six golfers. You will get a pop-up message to that effect if you try.
  8. The exported file is a CSV file that is designed to be compatible with DraftKings and imported into their site using their Upload Lineups tool. To facilitate this, I now also import the player DraftKings player IDs for the tournament.
  9. Further to the above point, if you hover over a golfer name in the DFS data table, you will see his DraftKings ID for the tournament. This facilitates the CSV export using JavaScript/jQuery alone (see next point).
  10. The adding and removing of golfers to and from the lineup table is done entirely in your browser using JQuery/JavaScript. As mentioned above, the CSV export is also done on your browser (as opposed to being done on the Golf Predictor server and transmitted back!) with the same technology.
  11. The CSV file export may not work on IE 9 (or earlier) browser. I have tested it on IE11 in IE 9 compatibility mode and it works fine. If you still use IE 9, it really is long past time to upgrade to a decent browser!
  12. If you edit the exported CSV file, it may not upload to DraftKings correctly. For example, DraftKings seems to need two blank lines at the end of the file before it will upload it. Therefore, please do not remove these lines from the CSV file! 
  13. Please check your uploaded lineup on DraftKings to make sure it contains the golfers you selected*. The DraftKings IDs for a tournament have to sourced from a text file on the DraftKings Lineup Upload page, which is different to the text file that is already used on Golf Predictor to import the DraftKings stats. I have asked DraftKings to include the IDs on this text file (downloadable from the Draft Team page) and have received a very positive reply. Until that happens, I have to rely on both text files having the same golfers in the same order, which has been the case so far in my experience.
  14. If I cannot source the tournament player IDs for whatever reason, you will not be able to export your lineup to a DraftKings compatible CSV file. This is because DraftKings only accepts  player IDs and not their names.
  15. Only golfers with DFS information (i.e. on the DraftKings list) are shown on the (filtered) field DFS data table (LHS). Since typically not all golfers in the field are on the DraftKings list, the missing ones will not be visible on this page. 
  16. Your filtered rankings and DraftKings lineup are just displayed on this page and not saved. This means that if you were to click on a link as usual (e.g. to a golfer prediction data page) and return to this page via the browser's Back button, your filtered rankings and lineup choices will be lost. Because of this, the golfer prediction data links on this page open up in a new browser window. If you want to return to this page, I recommend right-clicking on any other link (e.g. the tournament page link) and opening the page in a new tab/window.
  17. The number of matching results for your filter(s) is displayed above the table showing the filtered field DFS data (LHS).
  18. You can only filter the predictions and create lineups for tournaments with no results in the system (i.e. the current week's event(s) before the results are inputted). This is because the filtering  functionality could be relatively resource intensive and not to be "wasted" on old tournaments! In addition, the DraftKings IDs are not available for tournaments before last week (GP week 41, the week of the 2016 Portugal Masters and the 2016/17 CIMB Classic), so the CSV export would not work
  19. I was able to find and fix several minor bugs in the original 'Filtered Prediction Rankings' page while working on this new page!
  20. I have tested this new page on FireFox, Chrome, IE11 & MS Edge, but with 52 different filters and the addition of the lineup builder, it is possible something sneaked in through the cracks. Please contact me immediately if you experience any problems with the page
  21. A lot of work has gone into this page, so I hope you find it useful!
Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better! This new page is a terrific addition to the site for DraftKings users and should greatly assist you in analysing the field for an event and creating that killer lineup! You can now easily identify good picks for the upcoming tournaments using any of the 52 metrics and export your lineup to Draftkings.

As this is a premium feature which will expose golfers outside those ranked 11-25 by the GP algorithm, only subscribers can filter the tournament field. Non-subscribers can access the page and create lineups for DraftKings using only those golfers ranked 11-25 by Golf Predictor, but the 'Filter' button will be disabled. So, sign up today and reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

*Golf Predictor is not responsible for any losses that may accrue due to any errors. The onus is on you to check your lineup.

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