Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Filtered Field Stats now on Golf Predictor!

New Filtered Predictions page showing sliders with two DraftKings filters applied to 2016 DEAN & DELUCA Invitational field stats

I am very excited to announce the addition of a great new 'Filtered Prediction Rankings' page to Golf Predictor. As can be glimpsed in the screenshot above, this new page is similar to the existing 'Custom Prediction Rankings' page and is available from the same 'Predictions' menu in the Member section. However, while the 'Custom Prediction Rankings' page has a mere 10 vertical sliders and 10 text boxes, this new page contains a whopping 52 horizontal sliders with two handles and two text boxes each! In addition, the 'Custom Prediction Rankings' page reordered the entire field while this new page allows you to identify golfers with certain statistics of your choosing. For example, you can easily list the golfers in the field who are ranked in the top fifty in the world rankings, have at least three top tens this GP season and no missed cuts on the course in the previous five seasons. 

The sliders (or text boxes) on this new page allow you to to specify a range of values for as many of the 52 metrics as you wish and see the list of matching golfers. There are so many metrics to filter the field stats by, I've had to group them in panels by category:

  1. Same Season (average result, tournaments played, wins, top tens, missed cuts and scoring average)
  2. Same Course (average result, tournaments played, wins, top tens and missed cuts)
  3. Same Tournament (average result, tournaments played, wins, top tens and missed cuts)
  4. Same Region (average result, tournaments played, wins, top tens and missed cuts) 
  5. Same Part of the GP Season (average result, tournaments played, wins, top tens and missed cuts) 
  6. Last Five Events (average result, tournaments played, wins, top tens and missed cuts)
  7. Last 12 Similar Events (average result, tournaments played, wins, top tens and missed cuts)
  8. US PGA Tour Specific (DraftKings and shots gained metrics). Update: DraftKings now available for the European Tour also, so this panel has been renamed.
  9. Other metrics (GP Rank, Performance Likelihood, world ranking etc.)

A couple of these panels are shown in the screenshot above, for the 2016 DEAN & DELUCA Invitational. In this case, the field has been filtered by DraftKings salary and average points per game. As shown above for "Other Metrics", you may collapse the filter panels that you are not interested in by clicking on the panel header. Some notes on this new page:
  1. Simply adjust the filter slider ranges as desired (subject to point two below) and press the 'Filter' button to filter the field accordingly.
  2. The upper slider value cannot be less than the lower one. You are not allowed to do this by the system either when adjusting the sliders directly or using the text boxes (see below).
  3. If you would prefer, you can bypass the sliders and input values directly into the text boxes either side of them. Note that you should only enter numbers between the ranges displayed on the sliders into these boxes. There is validation on these boxes to ignore text and correct numbers that are out of this range. This validation also prevents the lower value being bigger than the upper value.
  4. If you do not adjust a slider (e.g. leave it at its default range at either end of the slider), it will not be used in the filtering. Therefore, just adjust the sliders of the metrics you are interested in and ignore the rest.
  5. The filters in the DraftKings/Strokes Gained panel were initally ignored when applied to European Tour events. This changed for the DraftKings filters, as they now offer contests for European Tour events and is now covered on Golf Predictor.
  6. All sliders are graduated in units of one, except for the DraftKings salary (100) and the strokes gained sliders (0.5). In all cases, the textboxes are rounded to the nearest graduation point.
  7. Your filtered rankings are just displayed on this page and not saved. This means that if you were to click on a link as usual (e.g. to a golfer prediction data page) and return to this page via the browser's Back button, your filtered rankings will be lost. Because of this, the golfer prediction data links on this page open up in a new browser window. If you want to return to this page, I recommend right-clicking on any other link (e.g. the tournament page link) and opening the page in a new tab/window.
  8. The number of matching results is displayed above the table showing the filtered field stats. This defaults to "50+" if there is more than one page of matches.
  9. You can only filter the predictions for tournaments with no results in the system (i.e. the current week's event(s) before the results are inputted). This is because this new functionality could be relatively resource intensive and not to be "wasted" on old tournaments! The 'Filter' button will therefore be disabled for completed tournaments. 
  10. This is one of the rare pages on the site where the front end (i.e. the large number of sliders!) took considerably longer to develop than the back end! 
  11. I've been able to make some improvements to the Custom Predictions page while developing this new page. The most noticeable one is that the golfer name is now displayed in a single column in Lastname, Firstname format. This is to help prevent panel overflow when golfers with long first and last names are on the same page.
  12. There are 52 metrics to filter by, which is far too many to display in the table showing the matching field stats. Therefore, the table displays the same stats as the Custom Predictions page for the matching golfers.
  13. I have tested this new page, but with 52 different filters and the associated logic, it is possible something sneaked in through the cracks. Please contact me immediately if you experience any problems on the page.
Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better! This new page is a terrific addition to the site and should greatly assist you in analysing the field for an event. You can now easily isolate good picks for the upcoming tournaments using whatever metrics you deem the most important.

As this is a premium feature which will expose golfers outside those ranked 11-25 by the GP algorithm, only subscribers can filter the tournament field. Non-subscribers can access the page, but the 'Filter' button will be disabled. So, sign up today and reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

A Similar Field Strength panel has been added to the Filter/DFS Lineup Builder pages, bringing the total number of filters up to 57.