Saturday, 28 May 2016

European Tour DFS (DraftKings) Analysis added to Golf Predictor

Further to the addition of US PGA Tour DFS golf information to Golf Predictor last year, I am pleased to announce that the DraftKings analysis on the site has been extended to cover the European PGA Tour. DraftKings have just this week (the week of the 2016 BMW PGA Championship) started offering contests to its users on tournaments on the European PGA Tour. As a result, the DFS functionality on Golf Predictor has been updated to reflect this. The pages affected on the site are:

  1. The main Predictions (DFS) page (you can now select the tour and all matching tournaments with DraftKings data for the chosen GP season will be displayed).
  2. The Field Rankings page (some minor updates for the DraftKings metrics).
  3. The Prediction Data page for each golfer (you will now see the DFS panel for European events, if there is DraftKings data for it in the database).
  4. The new Predictions (Filter) page (you can now filter by DraftKings metrics for European events).

Some notes on this update:

  1. The functionality is exactly the same as for the US tour. You get the same colour coded columns, fair salary calculation and charts.
  2. Although it's a bit late now, I have put the DraftKings data for the BMW PGA Championship live. Unfortunately, I didn't know European Tour contests were in the pipeline, so wasn't able to have the site ready in time as a result. However, I was able to use this first covered event for testing purposes!
  3. When you're looking at a DFS chart (e.g. DraftKings salary over the GP Season) on the Prediction Data page for a golfer, the data shown may now be from both tours for golfers who play on both tours. 
  4. The Masters and the WGC - Cadillac Championship are also on the European Tour, so they will appear in the list of tournaments for that tour in 2016 on the main Predictions (DFS) page. 
  5. You may now have to set the default tour in your profile (My GP menu), if you are only interested in the DFS stats (and most other stats) for one tour. 
  6. Other pages (such as the Compare pages and the charts) did not need updating to work for European Tour events.

These changes make it easy to analyse European PGA Tour events for DraftKings contests on Golf Predictor. Like the DFS golf analysis for US PGA Tour events, non-subscribers can only see golfers ranked 11-25 in the prediction rankings. Therefore, sign up today and reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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