Sunday, 13 March 2016

Site Code Upgrade Complete & Other Tweaks

Further to this recent post, I am finally finished updating the code on all the pages in the member section of Golf Predictor. Including the menu pages, data pages, chart pages and other miscellaneous pages, this amounted to appropriately 150 different pages on the site.

In addition, I have also made the following changes to increase the performance of the site:
  1. I have consolidated the number of style sheets used in the public facing and member sections of the site. This should increase performance by reducing the number of HTTP requests to display pages.
  2. I have replaced some JavaScript files with the minimised versions to optimise loading times.
  3. Where possible, I have moved the loading of JavaScript files to the bottom of pages to minimise the impact on page loading.
  4. I have removed the AddThis social media functionality from the site home page, due to the surprisingly large size of the JavaScript file that it downloads from the AddThis website. The links to the Golf Predictor social media remain as simple links, but there are currently no "Like" buttons. These impact on the time taken to load the home page, no matter how they are implemented, so they are unlikely to return.
All these changes modernise the mark up used on the site and will make the site perform better, particularly for first time visitors (files/pages should be cached thereafter!). I have tested the pages as they were being updated and after the style sheet consolidation, but please contact me immediately if you experience any layout problems on the site. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

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