Tuesday, 15 March 2016

DFS Page Updated with Fair Salary on Golf Predictor

DFS page for the 2016 Valspar Championship with new Fair Salary Column

I am pleased to announce the addition of another column to the DFS page on Golf Predictor. This new "Fair Salary" column is related to the existing DFS information on the site and should help to emphasise the good/bad value golfers. This new column is shown above for the 2016 Valspar Championship (header highlighted in yellow) with the abbreviated header text of "Sal(F)".

This new column shows what the DraftKings salary should be for each golfer, based on the average dollars per point for the field. Overvalued golfers whose dollars/point column is highlighted in red will have fair values less than their actual salaries. Those whose dollars/point column is green (undervalued) will have fair values greater than their actual salaries. Finally, golfers whose dollars/point column is yellow (salary about right) will have fair values very similar to their actual salaries.

Essentially, this "fair" salary is the numbers highlighted in red in the image above (the average dollars per point for the field and the average points per game for the golfer) multiplied together and rounded to the nearest 100 (like DraftKings!). If all golfers in the field had these "fair" values, the DFS scatter chart on Golf Predictor (see image below) would have all the golfer points on the average line*.

Stenson on DFS chart for the 2016 Valspar Championship, showing where his ave points/game hits the average line (his "fair" value)

With respect to the DFS scatter chart, this new column on the DFS page shows the value where the golfer's average points per game value hits the average line. This will always be a horizontal movement from the golfer's data point and is shown above with the red arrow for Henrik Stenson ahead of the 2016 Valspar Championship. I trust you will find this new column useful for identifying value DFS picks. Just another way to make Golf Predictor a little better!

*The rounding to the nearest 100 means that this would not be exactly true!


Anonymous said...

Thats Awesome, thank you!

Golf Predictor Guru! said...

You're welcome - glad you like it!