Saturday, 20 February 2016

Member Section Page Code Getting Updated on Golf Predictor

I have begun the process of updating the HTML mark up used in the Member section of  Golf Predictor. I have been avoiding this large task for quite some time, but have finally started to bite the bullet! The pages should look the same as before, but the code used to achieve this is being updated.

The mark up used to lay out these pages has been in place since 2007 and even then using tables for this purpose was frowned upon! At long last, I have begun the process of replacing the tables used for page layout with divs. I am also replacing most of the line break tags originally used to space things out with padding to modernise the page mark up.

These updates will make the modification of the page mark up easier in the future. It will also help if I make the Member section responsive, like the public facing section of the site. I am planning to update the pages in tranches over the next few weeks. I am testing the pages as they are replaced, but it is possible that there are issues in certain circumstances e.g. changing to a different GP Season with no matching records. Please contact me immediately if you experience any layout problems on the site.

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