Tuesday, 25 August 2015

New 'Field Rankings (Summary)' Page Added to Golf Predictor

Snippet of new page for the 2015 Wyndham Championship with multiple field rankings and Matsuyama, Koepka & Horschel highlighted
GP video tutorial on this new page

I am happy to announce the addition of a  useful new 'Field Rankings (Summary)' page to Golf Predictor. This new page is available from the 'Predictions' menu and is basically an enhanced version of the existing Field Rankings page. As can be seen in the screenshot for the 2015 Wyndham Championship above, you can now see the field rankings for many important key metrics at the same time. This gives you an overview of the best performers in the field in the various important metrics at a glance. The metrics ranked on this page are:
  1. World Ranking
  2. Performance Likelihood
  3. Cut Streaks
  4. Winless Streaks
  5. Historical Stats (Season/Last Five Events/Same Course/Same Tournament/previous twelve similar events)

For each of the historical stats (selectable from the dropdown list), the following metrics are ranked:
  1. Average finishing position
  2. Wins
  3. Top Tens
  4. Missed Cuts
That gives a total of eight field rankings visible on the same page at any one time. With the different historical stats selectable from the dropdown box, there are a total of 24 field rankings available on the page. This dropdown box was introduced to reduce the processing and the size of the web page needed to show them all at the same time! The different data tables each display twelve golfer records per page, but you can use the pager on each one to see more golfers.

Consolidating this data on this new page should make it much easier to spot good fantasy golf, DFS golf or betting picks for an upcoming tournament. While this information was available previously on Golf Predictor, it was only available for one metric at a time on pages like the the Field Rankings page. This new 'Field Rankings (Summary)' page is perfect for a quick overview of the relative performance of all the players in the field in the above metrics. As can be seen in the screenshot above, you can now highlight golfers of interest to make them stand out in all the data tables. Simply choose up to three golfers from the field list at press the Highlight button to see the golfers highlighted in different colours. Some notes on this new page:
  1. You may have to reload your current Golf Predictor page to see this new 'Field Rankings (Summary)' menu option.
  2. Golf Predictor tournament rankings go back to the middle of the 2008 season and some metrics are not available for older events. Keep this in mind if you are perusing old tournaments on this page.
  3. As usual, you can hover over a player name for more information, as shown above for Bill Haas for the World Ranking metric.
  4. Players with no relevant statistics are omitted from the results on each data table.
  5. A mixture of partial and full updating is used on the page. Sorting/paging a data table or selecting a new option in the historical stats drop down box will not involve a full page refresh. However, changing the tournament or the highlighted golfers will involve a full page refresh. On testing, this proved to be the best scenario.
  6. Selecting a new tournament resets the data table sorting, data table paging and the historical stats drop down box to 'GP Season'. It also clears the golfers selected for highlighting. 
  7. Selecting a new option in the historical stats drop down box resets the sorting and the paging on the four historical data tables.
  8. There is a Reset button under the field list which you can use to clear the golfer highlighting.
  9. Your chosen golfers may not be on the first page of any data table.  They will be highlighted on the page that they appear on (assuming they havea non zero value for the relevant stat).
  10. There are a lot of moving parts in this page, between the tournament selection dropdown boxes, the historical stats drop down box, the field list and associated buttons for highlighting and the eight data tables on the page at any one time. I have done a considerable amount of testing, but it is possible I missed something. If you experience any issues, please contact me immediately.

I trust you will find this new functionality very useful for your fantasy golf, DFS golf or betting needs. Because this new page is relatively computationally intensive, it is limited to subscribers only. Therefore, sign up today and reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

'Same Region' has been added to the Historical Stats dropdown list on this page today.