Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Golf Predictor YouTube Channel Now Available!

Sample video tutorial (Performance Likelihood)

I am pleased to announce a new Golf Predictor YouTube Channel. This can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Golf Predictor YouTube Channel

This channel will be used initially for video tutorials to help existing users get the most out of the site and show potential users what great features are available on Golf Predictor! These tutorial videos are in the form of screencasts, where I go through various great features for fantasy golf, DFS golf and golf betting on Golf Predictor. I have uploaded a number of videos to get going and I hope to add more in due course. The launch list covers the following topics:

  1. An overview of the Golf Predictor menus in the member section
  2. The Prediction Rankings page and GP Score.
  3. The Prediction Data page for each golfer
  4. The Form pages (last five form page)
  5. The Performance Likelihood metric and Winners Form page
  6. The Courses pages, stats and charts
  7. The Tournament pages, stats and charts
  8. The Results by GP Season, Results By Round Rank and Golfer Result pages
  9. The Tournament Stats and Tournament Stats (Rounds) pages

This launch list includes a tutorial on at least one option from every Golf Predictor data menu. I have embedded the video on the Performance Likelihood above as a sample of what is available. Some notes on these new videos:
  1. I have new found respect for any one who does this sort of thing. At the beginning at least, it is very time consuming and certainly much harder than it looks! If you think some of the videos are ropey, you should have seen/heard the first ten takes of each one!
  2. In order to get the videos made at all, I had to divide most of them into segments. These then had to be then edited and combined. I'm no Martin Scorsese, so some of the joins are not as smooth as I'd like. There is one such join near the end of the above video!
  3. I tried to speak at about 40% of normal speed in order that my Irish accent would be understandable by the widest possible audience! It does result occasionally in a slight drone, so apologies for that! I hope to improve as my recording career progresses!
  4. It is enough to inflict my voice on you. Mercifully, my face does not appear in the videos!
  5. I am now really sick of the actual sound of my voice, as opposed to the sound of my voice I hear normally through my skull!
  6. I had some microphone issues and coupled with the lack of recording facilities, the sound quality isn't what I would have liked on these initial videos. I may look to sourcing a new microphone for future recordings. The YouTube uploading process doesn't seem to have helped either. Good quality speakers or headphones will help with the audio quality (but not my accent!) however.
  7. I had considerable trouble sourcing the screencasting software. There were problems with each one that I tried. The software that I settled on allowed the capture of the mouse (most of the time!) or the display of the dropdown box options with different settings, but not with the same setting! This put restrictions on what could be shown in some videos. 
  8. The videos have all been recorded in 720p HD which I found after experimentation was the best compromise between quality and file size.
  9. I was able to fix a few minor issues and improve some functionality on Golf Predictor as a direct result of making these videos, so they were useful for something! 
  10. The videos are numbered with 1xx representing general topics, 2xx representing topics from the first menu item (Predictions), 3xx representing topics from the second menu item (Form) and so on. In general, it would be best to view them in order, but I have left gaps in the numbers in case future videos have to be added logically between two existing ones.
  11. I have created a "Golf Predictor Tutorials" playlist with the suggested order of videos. Of course, you can watch them in any order you wish, but some build on others, so you might like to follow this playlist.
  12. Rather than re-record  (yet again!) some otherwise good segments, I have corrected/noted some boo-boos and slightly garbled speech with annotations to the videos. I also use these annotations to impart extra information not mentioned in the videos, so watch out for those!
  13. I have linked to this new YouTube channel from the site home page, About GP page and member home page.

I trust you will find these new video tutorials useful and please subscribe to this new channel. Any feedback (via comments on this article or email) would be most welcome. Hopefully, this YouTube channel will help you reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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