Tuesday, 21 July 2015

2015 - Week 29 Predictions/Statistics Online

The predictions and statistics for this week, the Omega European Masters (European PGA Tour) and the RBC Canadian Open (US PGA Tour), are now available on Golf Predictor. Despite the late Monday finish to the Open Championship, there is a pretty strong line up in Canada, where a lot of combatants from St Andrews have jetted over from Scotland to tee it up. On the European Tour, there is also a decent field assembled for the popular track in Switzerland this week.


Anonymous said...

Hi, is there anywhere on your site where you show the Standard Deviation of a player's score (and not just the SD of their finishing position)? Thanks

Golf Predictor Guru! said...

Hi, thanks for the question (the first ever one on SD!). The short answer is no, unfortunately. The average score versus par for a tournament and each tournament round are on the site, but nothing for an individual golfer. It would have to be score relative to par (as opposed to the total number of strokes), given the different course pars. I'll put calculating the average score versus par for a golfer & the SD of same on my list of things to do. It will be tricky as some courses have different pars for different tournaments held on them (e.g. Torrey Pines), sometimes a course par changes from year to year due to lengthening or flooding). Then there are the tournaments that use multiple courses with different pars (e.g. AT&T Pro Am)!

Please email the support line with the period you would like to see this stat for (GP season, golfer career, historical on same course etc.) and I will see what I can do. I can then let you know directly if/when it is available. Thanks.