Friday 24 April 2015

Upgraded Charts on Golf Predictor - Part 3

Further to the most recent post about the chart upgrade, I am pleased to announce that the last tranche of charts have been upgraded on Golf Predictor. These are the charts on the following pages:
  1. Outstanding pages on Prediction menu (e.g. main prediction ranking page)
  2. Outstanding pages on Form menu (e.g. season form page)
  3. Pages on Information menu (e.g. golfers page)
  4. Pages on Results menu (e.g. results by position - all page)
  5. Pages on Other Stats menu (e.g. tournament stats page)
All the charts on these pages (and there are a lot of them!) are of the non-popup variety and are comprised of bar and pie charts. Some further notes on these new charts:
  1. The pop-up text on bar charts with positive and negative values (e.g. average round score vs par charts) will not display consistently for negative values. You will have to hover over certain parts (anywhere outside the area in which the pop-up appears) of the negative bars to see the pop-up text.
  2. All charts should be formatted properly. However, some charts may need further tweaking or have a label slightly truncated, depending on the data, e.g. a long name under the rightmost bar on a bar chart.
As ever, any feedback (via comments on this article or email) on these new charts would be most welcome. Barring any oversight on my behalf, this thankfully completes the somewhat tedious and repetitious conversion of all the charts on Golf Predictor to Flot!

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