Monday, 6 April 2015

Upgraded Charts on Golf Predictor - Part 2

Further to the recent post about the chart upgrade, I am pleased to announce that the second tranche of charts have been upgraded on Golf Predictor. These are the charts on the following pages:
  1. Field Rankings
  2. Field Rankings (Form)
  3. Compare Field Rankings pages 
  4. Compare Form pages
  5. Compare Predictions pages
All the charts on these pages (and there are a lot of charts on some of them!) are pop-up charts and include multi-line, bar and bar stacked charts. Some further notes on these new charts:
  1. Bar numbers are now not shown in bar charts with less than 4 bars. This is due to a formatting issue caused by the bar numbers in this situation.
  2. The X-Axis title may be misaligned for some horizontal bar charts with bar numbers. This is again due to the bar numbers, which seem to cause more problems than they solve! In this case, they cause the x-axis label to be non-centred (more to the left). I couldn't find a solution to this, so I left it as is, since it's not a major issue and the display of the bar numbers outweighs it.
As ever, any feedback (via comments on this article or email) on these new charts would be most welcome. This completes the conversion of the pop-up charts to Flot on the site. I will be converting the non-pop up charts over the coming weeks and will post when the first tranche of these is complete.

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