Saturday 4 April 2015

Current Season Stats Now on Golf Predictor

The season stats for the current GP Season (the 2015 calendar year so far) have been added to Golf Predictor. This was done after a user request came in for this data ahead of The Masters. This information is very useful for picking players for a sweep ahead of the stats being available for the event on Golf Predictor.

Because Golf Predictor uses the most recent results and world rankings possible, the tournament stats can not be generated until the latest world rankings from the previous week's tournaments are available. This is generally the Monday of a tournament week. It is not convenient to extract field information from Golf Predictor before this happens, but these current season stats should make the task easier.

Season stats were hitherto now only available for completed GP seasons, but I will put a process in place to update the current season stats after every tournament week as the season goes on, so they can be used ahead of other tournaments. Note that like completed season stats, only players who have played at least five events in the current season will be shown. Just another way to make Golf Predictor a little better!

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