Saturday 10 January 2015

GP Hosting Issue

Unfortunately, there is a database connection issue with Golf Predictor at the moment. While you can see the site homepage and other front facing pages, you can not log into the member area at the moment. This is a problem with the hosting service, not Golf Predictor itself. I have raised the issue with my provider, but the system may be down for a while.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue, which is beyond my control and I ask for your patience at this time.

[UPDATE 9pm]
After a long and frustrating day, I'm afraid the situation is bleak for a quick fix. This inexplicable problem is a connection issue with the database which holds the member information, which is why no one can log in. All looks well on the hosting side, although there is one strange issue related to the database in question. While I can manually access the database content/structure as usual, the website has suddenly stopped being able to connect to it after about seven years. The host company have denied making any changes that could have caused this connection issue, so we're at a bit of an impasse. I've decided to take this opportunity while the site is down to upgrade the hosting account. This involves moving the site files and recreating the databases on the new set up. I hope to be able to restore the problem database, so there isn't any loss in data. When finished, the site performance should increase due to the upgrade, but it may take several days before all this is complete. Thank you for your continued patience. I will apply free subscription time in lieu of any downtime, so no one will lose out financially due to this outage.

[UPDATE Sun 11 Jan, 1pm] 
Still working on the problem. Not much progress made thus far today unfortunately, although not for the lack of trying!

[UPDATE Sun 11 Jan, 8.45pm] 
I have managed to transfer most of the site to the new hosting account. Only the problematic database remains to be done, along with some necessary reconfiguration.

[UPDATE Mon 12 Jan, 12.45pm] 
I have managed to recreate the site on the new server. More testing is needed, so I'm not sure that everything is working just yet. If all proves to be well, the site will have to be pointed to its new home which I'm told could take a day or two to take effect. I may be able to point the old site to the new databases and get the system back up in time for this week's events. I would then do the full changeover this coming weekend. Note that the late Monday finish (Irish time) to the Hawaiian event means that no predictions would be available until Tuesday evening at the earliest, regardless of the state of the system. That's some useful breathing space for me, given the circumstances!
[UPDATE Mon 12 Jan, 9pm] 
I have managed to get the site working again by pointing the existing site to the databases on the new server. These had exactly the same content as the ones on the existing server, but without the inexplicable error on the membership database. I hope to complete the changeover to the new server at the weekend, once this week's tournaments have started and Golf Predictor isn't quite as useful! Thank you for your continued patience during this very difficult time. Now, I'm off to bed!

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