Friday 16 January 2015

Golf Predictor Upgrade

Further to the recent serious issue with Golf Predictor, the site may be down over the weekend while it is moved to a new and improved server. I'm told the process could take up to two days to take effect, but hopefully it will be back on-line much sooner than that. Thank you for your continued patience during this time.

[Update 11.30pm]
The process has gone well so far, except that I forgot about the sub-domain for the Golf Predictor blog! I've had to point the blog back to its original Blogger URL for the time being. The main Golf Predictor site has been successfully transferred to its new server. However, the SSL cert has had to be transferred and this takes some time (anything from 2 to 24 hours, I've been told).

Because this cert protects your sensitive data (e.g. password and registering information), I have disabled both logging in and registering until the process completes. In the interim, all pages that use the cert on Golf Predictor will not display anyway. I have temporarily disabled the SSL feature on the log in and registration pages, so that they display. However, I have removed the registration form and made the fields on the log in page read only for the moment. I will check the SSL status in the morning (Irish time) and throughout the next few days until the process completes.

[Update Jan 17 8am]
The SSL cert hasn't transferred over to the new server yet. Looking at the administration page for the cert, it says it could take up to 72 hours. This is longer than I was told over the phone, but hopefully it won't take that long.

[Update Jan 17 10am]
The sub-domain for the Golf Predictor blog ( has been restored. The only outstanding issue now is the SSL cert

[Update Jan 17 5.30pm]
Still waiting on the SSL cert.

[Update Jan 17 11pm]
The SSL cert has been transferred successfully, so I have re-enabled the login and registration pages. The site appears to be working fine now, except for the missing captcha image on the registration page. As a result, I have removed the captcha for the time being. Note that you may have to add a security exemption to your browser when accessing a secure page (e.g. the log in page) on the site for the first time. Thank you for your patience while the site was down.

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