Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Historical Stroke Averages Added to 'Golfer Prediction' Page

Course History panel for Phil Mickelson for the 2014 Players Championship, with new stroke average stat
Further to a recent discussion on Twitter, new historical stroke average stats have been added to the golfer 'Prediction' page on Golf Predictor. These new stats are the overall stroke average for the chosen golfer on the same course, in the same tournament and in the last twelve similar tournaments (last five years). These new stats can be found in the relevant panel, as shown above in the screenshot above of the Course History panel for Phil Mickelson ahead of the 2014 Players Championship. The existing data has had to be moved around slightly for a more logical layout and you may have to reload a page to see these new stats.

The stroke average was already available for the GP Season and this enhancement adds the same stat for the three main historical data panels. The historical data panels already showed the number of rounds played, but now you can also see the average score for a golfer across those rounds. Note that these new stroke average stats are available from week 19 of the 2014 GP Season (the week of The Players Championship  and the Madeira Island Open - Portugal - BP). Older tournaments whose predictions have had to re-run* will also have these new stats. Just another way to improve Golf Predictor, the premier US and European PGA Tour statistics site.

*Occasionally, this happens if, for example, a player with several versions of his name is found and his prediction stats have to be consolidated.

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