Saturday 8 February 2014

'Player History' Page Updated Slightly

The recently added  new 'Player History' page  and other similar pages have been slightly updated on  Golf Predictor. Thanks to some very useful user feedback, I have made the following minor enhancements to the 'Player History' page:

  1. I have added a key table to the page to explain what the columns represent. This was already on similar pages (e.g. the Compare Form pages) and it was an oversight not to include it on this new page.
  2. I have replaced the "300" that represents non-finishes (for sorting purposes) in the system with "NF", as the columns on this page are not sortable. Also, it reduces confusion on how the average and standard deviation are calculated (see next point).
  3. I have added a note above the key table to state that non-finishes (WD/DQ/DNS) are ignored for average and standard deviation calculations. This was already on similar pages also.

I have also slightly updated the Compare Form pages in the following manner:

  1. I have replaced "300" with "NF" for non-finishes, similar to above.
  2. Like the new 'Player History' page, there are now pop-ups when there are no matching results for a golfer, i.e. when T1-T10 contains "-".

These small enhancements make these pages even better, so keep the feedback coming so that everyone can get the most out of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

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