Sunday 23 February 2014

2013 M2M Russian Open Predictions Updated

I have updated the predictions for the 2013 M2M Russian Open on Golf Predictor. I noticed today while updating the 2014 event with its course that this was not a new tournament last year as was indicated on the system. The Russian Open was in fact dormant since 2008 and so there was one year of same tournament information (previous five years) to process for the 2013 staging. This error came about due to the fact that the 2013 event was originally called the Russian Masters ( a new event) at the beginning of the season when the information was imported into Golf Predictor. However, as often is the case, the tournament details had changed between then and when the event actually took place. In this case, the tournament changed to be a reincarnation of the Russian Open and I forgot to update Golf Predictor accrodingly.

I  apologise for this oversight and I have updated the predictions so that tournament history is now correct for all golfers. In any event, it did not have a significant effect on the prediction rankings for the event.

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