Saturday, 25 January 2014

Related Tournaments Handling Updated on Golf Predictor

I am pleased to announce an under the hood performance enhancement on Golf Predictor. This enhancement pertains to how related tournaments (i.e. the same tournament in previous years with a different name*) are found by the system. This has several important uses on Golf Predictor, including:

  1. Creating the prediction stats for the same tournament history for each golfer. As a tournament might not necessarily be always held on the same course, the course can not be used to find all matching events.
  2. Displaying the golfer tournament history charts.
  3. Finding the same tournament in another GP season if you select a different season using the season dropdown box on one of the many prediction/results pages on Golf Predictor.
  4. Generating the same tournament history stats on the relevant compare pages on Golf Predictor.

The way this is done has now been streamlined, which should make all the above tasks run a little quicker in future. This will be especially true for tournaments that tend to have many different names, e.g. The Nordea Masters on the European PGA Tour. The one slight disadvantage to this new method is that you can no longer get all instances returned of a renamed tournament when using the search page. However, I suspect usage of this feature was very low, so this shouldn't affect many users.

This was quite a large undertaking and I have tested all the affected pages. However, please contact me immediately if you experience any problems on the site. Note that you may have to reload a page for these changes to take effect. Just another way to make Golf Predictor a little better!

*In the case of the WGC - HSBC Champions event, it can also mean a different tour! When it began, it wasn't a WGC event and it was on the European PGA Tour only. However,  it is now also on  US PGA Tour and this also has ramifications for finding it as a related tournament.

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