Sunday 15 December 2013

Most/Least Consistent Golfers on the 2013 European/US PGA Tours

Using the standard deviation (SD) information in Golf Predictor, it is possible to see who were the most/least consistent performers in the 2013 season on the European/US PGA Tours*. It's almost all change from previous season, with only Matt Kuchar remaining in the list from last year (and improving his already good performance). The top five consistent golfers in 2013 were:

#NameSt DevAve. Pos.Played
1Matt Kuchar14.5819.6025
2Sergio Garcia15.1817.0825
3Jason Day17.3623.2421
4Adam Scott18.5420.5616
5Donald Constable20.42107.5016

The top four golfers were consistently good, with very little between them. Unsurprisingly, none of them missed a cut, which explains why their results were so consistent! David Constable was consistently bad, unfortunately! At the other end of the scale, the top five most inconsistent golfers in 2013 were:

#NameSt DevAve. Pos.Played
1David Higgins52.4377.3923
2Oscar Floren50.7383.0019
3Daniel Gaunt50.0491.5616
4Scott Piercy49.5361.4428
5Richard McEvoy48.9388.9020

Not many well known names there, with the exception of Scott Piercy. It is disappointing though to see a fellow Irishman as the most inconsistent golfer of the year! Click on the "Lists" category opposite to see more such lists.

*Only golfers who played at least 15 events are included in this analysis. This explains why Steve Stricker is missing, as he only played 13 events in 2013.

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