Monday, 19 August 2013

Some Predictions Rankings Updated on Golf Predictor

A small number of prediction rankings have had to be updated on Golf Predictor. While analysing the results from last week's Wyndham Championship, I noticed that the GP Rank for Ernie Els was unfeasibly low (62). Upon investigation, it turned out that when adding tee-off group information (a recent addition to Golf Predictor), the weighting for world ranking was not being applied correctly for golfers who were late entrants, i.e. golfers who were in the tee-off list but not the entry list. Luckily, this mainly only affected lesser known golfers until Els' late entry last week. The problem only affected the GP Rank - no statistics were incorrect. Els and other affected golfers had their correct world ranking, but were not in the correct position in the rankings for the tournaments they entered late. I have fixed this for all affected golfers/tournaments and addressed the issue that caused it.

I have re-ranked the golfers and re-calculated the correct approximate odds for the affected tournaments. There hasn't been many noticeable changes, save for Els, who has been promoted to his rightful place at number six in the rankings for the Wyndham Championship. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this slight issue with the new Add Groups functionality.

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