Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Golf Predictor Outage/Tee-off Group Information Delayed

Unfortunately, there was a database connection issue with Golf Predictor this morning (Irish time). This was an issue with the hosting service, not Golf Predictor itself. I raised the issue with my provider immediately and got the system up and running again within a short period of time. The system may have been down for several hours, but luckily it happened during the night for most users.

This outage means that, due to a prior commitment, I will probably not be able to enter the tee-off group information for the tournaments this week until this evening (Irish time, or about lunch time EST). I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue, which was beyond my control.


Golf Predictor Guru! said...
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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

The tee-off groups for this week's tournaments are now on the system.