Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New Stats Links Panel Added to Prediction Page

New panel on the Prediction page showing links to golfer's official stats pages.

The prediction pages on Golf Predictor have been updated to show links to the performance stats for the golfer on the two major tour sites. The screenshot above shows the new panel that displays these links. This new panel was added because I have got a number of requests over the past year or two for stats such as GIR, driving distance, driving accuracy etc. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for me to add such data directly into Golf Predictor. Moreover, I believe a lot of these stats tend to cancel themselves out and the most important one is the scoring average* (which is basically an amalgam of all those stats), which is on the site. Anyway, I recently thought of this compromise that I have now implemented. Instead of going to great effort every week to import two lots of this data (one for each tour) into the system,  I simply provide a handy link straight into the relevant page on the official site(s) for the golfer of interest. Some notes on these links:

  1. I could only source the links for just over 400 golfers on each tour. This covers all the bigger names though and is the list of players available on both major tour sites.
  2. Some golfers only have pages on one tour, in which case "n/a" is displayed instead of the image link.
  3. If the golfer has no stats page available, an appropriate message is shown in the panel instead.  
  4. The stats available on the US PGA Tour 's player profiles is much more comprehensive than the corresponding page on the European PGA Tour site.
  5. The official stats page will open up in a new browser window. You can return to Golf Predictor by simply closing it when finished.
  6. The official tour pages for each golfer shows his latest stats. Keep this in mind if you are perusing the predictions for a past tournament.
  7. I will try to add links to more golfers on a regular basis or when I spot a new golfer with (an) available performance stats page(s). If you spot a missing link (so to speak!), please contact me and I will update the system.

 Just another way to make Golf Predictor a little better for its valued members!

*e.g. it's no good having great GIR stats if you're a relatively bad putter!!  If you look at most of the metrics, the top guys in each category are not performing that well in tournaments! The scoring average list, on the other hand, is one of the most accurate (which it should be, by definition!).

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