Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Field Ranking Pages Enhanced - Wins & Top 10s

Field Ranking Page for 2013 US Open with new Wins/Top Ten Options
The 'Field Rankings', 'Compare Field Rankings' and 'Compare Field Rankings (Groups)' pages have been enhanced with new metrics for wins and top tens. These pages are available on the 'Predictions' menu in the member section of Golf Predictor. As shown in the image above, four new options have been added to the 'Metric' dropdown list on the 'Field Ranking' page. These metrics are most wins in the current season, most wins in last twelve similar events, most top tens in the current season and most top tens in last twelve similar events. That brings the total number of metrics on this page to twenty. There is also a new chart link along the top of the data table, which shows the top performers for each of these new metrics graphically.

As shown in the image below, there are four new columns on the 'Compare Field Rankings' pages (any ten golfers & tee-off group pages) which show the player's field ranking for that new metric. Due to space restrictions, the player name columns have been replaced with the player ID, similar to the original 'Compare Predictions' page. The Golfer ID is shown beside the player name and, as shown below, you can hover over the ID in the table to see the associated name. The stacked chart along the top of the data table has also been updated to include these new rankings.

Compare Field Ranking Page for 2013 US Open with new Wins/Top Ten Columns & amended first column
Finally, I have changed the display of information in the 'Field Rankings' page for unsubscribed members. Up to now, non-subscribers could only see those with field rankings in a given metric from 11-25. This would usually be different from those ranked 11-25 overall by the GP prediction engine. Therefore, they could see some limited prediction information on golfers ranked outside 11-25 in the GP rankings (which, as non-subscribers, they should not have access to!) who happened to appear in the 11-25 field ranking list for a metric. Now, the golfer information is hidden unless they are also ranked between 11-25 in the GP rankings. The subscribe message has also been updated to reflect this change. This is shown in the screen shot below for the field rankings for the Season Average metric for the 2013 US Open:

New subscribe message and hidden information on Field Rank page (non-subscribers)
Note that in relation to the new metrics added, the top ten information and charts are not available prior to week 43 of the 2008 season. Also, you may have to refresh the page to see the changes. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

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