Tuesday 26 March 2013

Results Tables Updated on Prediction Page

New look table showing position colour coding, round columns and amended pop-up text for Brandt Snedeker's results for the 2013 GP season prior to the Arnold Palmer Invitational pres. by Mastercard
Further to the new 'Past Scoring Records' tables added to various pages on Golf Predictor, the results tables on the Prediction page for each golfer have been updated. Using the new sortable round columns, you can easily find the selected golfer's best and worst rounds (rounds 1-4) for the following sets of tournaments:
  1. Prior events in the same GP season
  2. Relevant historical events
  3. Last 12 similar events
  4. Events held in similar weather
  5. Events held on similar length course.
This is shown above for Brandt Snedeker's 2013 GP season results ahead of the Arnold Palmer Invitational pres. by Mastercard. Clicking on a round row column header allows you to sort the round scores in ascending or descending order. It was decided to add the rounds to the results tables like this rather than in separate tables like the other pages for the following two reasons:

  1. I felt that adding five new tables to show these stats on a page with so many stats already would be excessive. It would also mean at least 40 more computations (for max and min for rounds one to four for each results table), which wouldn't do overall page performance any good.
  2. More importantly, it was much easier to do it like this!

To make room for the round information, the "Made Cut" column has been removed. This has been moved into the pop-up text (see screenshot above) and also incorporated into the new colour coding for the finishing positions (more below). In addition, round five has been left out of the results tables due to space constraints. There are currently no five round events on either tour and  there have been only two since 2003 (the 2003-11 Bob Hope and the 2003 Las Vegas Invitational), so this should not be an issue. In any event, round five information is now also provided in the pop-up (see screenshot above), should it be relevant.

As also shown in the screenshot above, the Position column on the results tables have been colour coded similar to the Compare Form page. This will allow you to identify wins (red), top tens (yellow), withdrawals (brown) and missed cuts (blue) much more easily than before. The colour code itself is shown over the first results table, as can be seen above.

These updates to the Prediction page make it much more useful and are available to all users. However, this is true only for the golfers you are permitted to view (all golfers for subscribers, those ranked 11-25 for non-subscribers). So, sign up today to get the most out of Golf Predictor, the premier US and European PGA Tour statistics site.

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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

I have expanded on the first reason why the page was updated in this fashion (added performance concerns).