Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Historical Round Scores Table Added to 'Results by Golfer' Page

2012 Scoring Records table for Tiger Woods
Similar to the recent enhancement to the Golfer page (and other pages), a  new 'Past Scoring Records' table has been added to the 'Results by Golfer' page on Golf Predictor. As shown in the screenshot above for Tiger Woods on the 2012 US PGA Tour, this new table shows the average, best and worst rounds by the selected golfer on the selected tour (European/US) in the selected GP season (since 2003). Similar to before, you can also hover over a round score to see more details. This is also shown above for Tiger's highest second round score in 2012 - a 73 which he shot twice that season. This new enhancement differs from the similar table added to the Golfer page last week in the following ways:

  1. On this page, only the rounds from the selected tour and season are analysed. On the Golfer page, all the rounds played by the golfer since 2003 are used to generate the stats.
  2. Unlike the similar page on the Golfer page, the average round score is displayed on this page. As shown in the screenshot above, the round count is also displayed in parentheses (and a smaller font) beside the average round score.

This new enhancement is only available for golfers who have played at least one stroke play event on the selected tour in the selected season and makes the 'Results by Golfer' page even more useful. However, like before, this new functionality is a premium feature and thus only available to subscribed members. So, sign up today and continue to get the most out of Golf Predictor, the premier US and European PGA Tour statistics site.

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