Tuesday 29 January 2013

Round Scores & Field Strength Tables Enhanced on Tournament Page

New pop-up showing who had the highest fourth rounds in the 2013 Volvo Golf Champions
New pop-up showing who had the highest world ranking in the 2013 Volvo Golf Champions

The Round Scores and Field Strength tables on each tournament page has been updated on Golf Predictor. As shown in the first screenshot above (for the recent Volvo Golf Champions), when you hover over any lowest or highest round score, a pop-up showing who got that score is displayed. In the case of multiple golfers, each golfer is shown on a separate line. This is shown for the highest fourth round in the first screenshot above, where Kruger and Olazabal shared that dubious honour (75)! This makes it much more convenient to identify the low/high scorers for each round. Previously, one had to sort the results table by each round column twice and possibly use paging to find all this information.

Similarly, you can now see who has the highest and lowest world rankings in the field. The second screenshot above shows the Field Strength table for the same event. Hovering over the relevant value will show the person with that world ranking. This is shown above for the highest world ranking (6) in the field, which corresponded to Louis Oosthuizen. Previously, this information was not available on the tournament page: one had to go to the prediction ranking page, select that tournament and sort by the world ranking column. Note that occasionally there are ties in the rankings and everybody outside the top 1000 in the world is assigned 1050 by default. Therefore, there could be a lot of matches at the lower end for some tournaments*.

Overall, these enhancements make the Tournament page even more useful. Just another way to make Golf Predictor a little better!

*For example, The Joburg Open generally has many competitors outside the top 1000 of the world rankings.

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