Thursday, 3 January 2013

Prediction Rankings Page Enhanced - Similar Length Course Statistics

Tournament Prediction page with new similar length course chart link and SLC column
In addition to the changes made to the 'Prediction Data' page for each golfer, the main 'Prediction Rankings' page* has also been enhanced with new similar length course (SLC) information. This page is is the first option on the 'Predictions' menu in the member section of Golf Predictor. As shown on the image** above, there is a new 'SLC' column, which shows each player's SLC performance over the previous five years to the course used for the current tournament. This new column is sortable, so you can easily find out who performs best/worst on SLCs by clicking on the column header. Due to space restrictions, the SLC column replaces the scoring average column. However, this latter column is still available on Season Form page, available from the 'Form' menu. There is also a new 'Best on Sim. Length Courses' chart along the top of the data table, which shows the SLC top performers graphically.

Note that this comparison information and chart is not available prior to this season (2013). You may have to refresh the page to see the changes. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

*The Prediction Rankings (Odds) page has also been updated in a similar fashion.
**Only Steve Stricker's data is shown. You must be a subscribed member to see all the field!

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