Tuesday, 28 August 2012

5 Charts Added to Golfer Season Stats Page

Section of Season Stats Page (for Luke Donald in the  2011 season) showing new bar chart icon link for the new round charts and new pie chart link for the new performance chart
2011 round 1 score distribution for Luke Donald

2011 performance breakdown  for Luke Donald

Five pop-up charts have been added to the 'Season Stats' page for each golfer on Golf Predictor. Four of these pop-up charts are round histograms/bar charts similar to those added lately to the 'Prediction Data' page. The fifth chart is a season performance pie chart, also similar to those already available on the 'Prediction Data' page. The list of added charts is:
  1. Histogram/bar chart of round 1 scores for the given season
  2. Histogram/bar chart of round 2 scores for the given season
  3. Histogram/bar chart of round 3 scores for the given season
  4. Histogram/bar chart of final round scores for the given season
  5. Performance breakdown pie chart  for the given season
Each of these new charts are useful as they allow you to see a golfer's season round/performance at a glance. The image links for these new round charts are displayed beside the existing link chart image links and the season performance pie chart link is located in the 'Played' column of the Performance panel. This is shown in the first screenshot above, which shows a portion of the 2011 season stats page for Luke Donald, the best performer that season. As can be seen above, the new image links for the new round charts use the bar chart image, as opposed to the line chart image used for the existing chart links. The pie chart link also uses the appropriate pie chart image. The second screenshot shows the 2011 round 1 score distribution for Donald and the third screenshot shows the breakdown of his performances that season. As usual, hovering over a pie slice/bar shows more information and you can easily link to the same data for other available years in the new round distribution charts.

These five new charts are very similar to existing charts on Golf Predictor, so they are not counted as new charts. These five charts are available to all users, although only for the golfers you are permitted to view (all golfers for subscribers, those ranked 11-25 for non-subscribers). However, the average on the round charts is only displayed to subscribers. So, sign up today to get the most out of Golf Predictor, the premier US and European PGA Tour statistics site.

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