Saturday, 28 July 2012

Thorbjorn Olesen's Prediction Records Fixed on Golf Predictor

Similar to the problem with Bernd Wiesberger, there was an issue with Thorbjorn Olesen's* world rankings on Golf Predictor. I noticed that long time leader in Austria had an infeasibly low ranking for the event. Upon investigation, it turns out that he is also known as Jacob Olesen (apparently interchangeably) on my world ranking data source, This meant his correct world ranking was not getting picked up when he was in the world ranking data as "Jacob", which included this week's event. The 41 tournaments that he played in that were affected by this naming issue have now all been updated. This means that in addition to all his statistics being updated for those tournaments, the GP rankings for all these events have been retrospectively updated with him in his correct position. Unfortunately with many thousands of golfers, many of whom known by one or more variants of their name, this happens occasionally.

For this week's event, this promotes him to second place (from somewhere in the 70s as I recall!), which was his true rank. Apologies for the late adjustment for this week's tournament. I would have noticed earlier, had I been able to tip this event. However, the unexpected Wednesday start and travel early in the week caused me to miss out this week.

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