Tuesday 19 June 2012

'Field Rankings' Page Added to Golf Predictor

Field rankings for average finish in last 12 similar events (majors) ahead of the 2012 US Open

GP video tutorial on this page
Following on from the field rank information added last year, I am happy to announce the addition of a very useful new 'Field Rankings' page to Golf Predictor. This new page is available from the "Stats Analysis" menu and allows you to rank the field* by any of the following metrics:
  1. Average for the current season
  2. Average in previous five events in the current season
  3. Average on same course in the previous five years
  4. Average in same tournament in the previous five years
  5. Average in previous twelve similar events (reg./major/WGC/FedEx Cup)
  6. World ranking
Consolidating this data on this new page should make it much easier to spot good fantasy golf or betting picks for an upcoming tournament. While previously this information was available on Golf Predictor, it was only available on different pages which had to be manually sorted. Those pages with the sorted tables (e.g. Season History page) also had competitors with zero values to wade through to get to the desired information. While these previously existing pages are still very useful and hold much more statistics than this new page, the "Field Rankings" page is perfect for a quick overview of the relative performance of the players in the field in the above metrics.

The screenshot above shows the field rankings for average finish in last 12 similar events (majors) ahead of the 2012 US Open. While it shows Lee Westwood's impressive performances, he'd love to lower that average considerably in the near future! Each metric has two charts associated with it:
  1. The overall GP ranking chart, which is the same for all metrics. 
  2. The chart showing the best in the field for the relevant metric (e.g. best season average)
All these charts were already available on other pages on Golf Predictor. However, for this new page they appear conveniently in modal pop-up dialogue boxes over the underlying page. Some notes on this new page:
  1. You may have to reload your current Golf Predictor page to see this new "Field Rankings" menu option.
  2. Golf Predictor results go back to the start of the 2003 season. Keep this in mind if you are perusing old tournaments on this page.
  3. For each of the first five metrics listed above, the average and number of tournaments played are displayed. For world ranking, the rank and average points are shown.
  4. As usual, you can hover over a player name for more information, as shown above for Lee Westwood. For each of the first five metrics listed above, the world ranking is displayed in the pop-up box. For world ranking, the cut streak is shown instead.
  5. As already mentioned, players with no relevant statistics are omitted from the results.
  6. This new functionality is provided for your benefit, so please do not abuse it. Obvious inferences not withstanding, it is not possible to accurately reverse engineer the Golf Predictor algorithm using this page!
I trust you will find this new functionality very useful for your  fantasy golf or betting needs. Like the main prediction page, non-subscribers can only see the statistics for the golfers ranked 11-25 in each category and none of the charts. Therefore, sign up today and reap the full benefits of Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

*Only those who have any relevant statistics are listed.

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