Wednesday, 2 May 2012

'Tournament Winners' Page with Prediction Rank Added to Golf Predictor

Tournament winners page showing new link below Tour dropdown box

PR Distribution for the winners on the 2010 European Tour

A new 'Tournament Winners (Prediction Rank)' page has been added to Golf Predictor. It is accessed from a link on the recently updated 'Tournament Winners' page, as shown in the first screenshot above. This new page is similar to the 'Tournament Winners' page, except that instead of showing a world ranking column and charts, it shows the prediction rank for that golfer on Golf Predictor prior to the tournament (otherwise known as the GP rank).

This means that the table on the page has a sortable prediction ranking (PR) column and there are links to charts showing the PR breakdown of the season winners and the winners with the lowest and highest PR. This is shown in the second screenshot above for the 2010 European PGA Tour season. These three charts are available for both the European PGA Tour and the US PGA Tour, giving a total of six new charts. The PR breakdown charts also displays the average, standard deviation, highest and lowest PR above the chart, as shown in the second screenshot. As usual, hovering over a bar shows more information, as displayed for the 11-20 category in the second screenshot above. These new charts are only available from the 2009 season onwards, because that was our first full season and PR information is obviously only available on Golf Predictor for tournaments we have predicted.

These six new charts bring the total number of charts on the site to 318. This new 'Tournament Winners (Prediction Rank)' page and associated charts are a premium feature and thus only available to subscribers. So, sign up today to get the most out of Golf Predictor, the premier US and European PGA Tour statistics site.

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