Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Stats and 6 New Charts Added to 'Golfer Details' Page

Career performance data for Rory McIlroy with new Regular Tournament & FedEx Cup panels & new chart links in all five panels & by section title.
Chart of Rory McIlroy's career performance to date (click to enlarge)
Breakdown of Rory McIlroy's career performance to date (click to enlarge)
I am happy to announce the addition of two new performance panels and six new pop-up charts to the 'Golfer Details' page on Golf Predictor. These two new panels add the golfer in question's performance in regular and FedEx tournaments since 2003 to the existing panels for overall, major tournament and WGC performance. These panels can be seen in the first screenshot above for Rory McIlroy. This screenshot also shows the six new chart links on this page, one in each performance panel beside the 'Tournaments Played' metric and one by the 'Statistics (since 2003)' section title

The five new pie charts accessible from the performance panels are similar to the new charts on the 'Prediction Data' page and show the performance breakdown (wins/other top tens/missed cuts/non-finishes/finishes) for the golfer in the following:

  1. All tournaments since 2003
  2. All regular tournaments since 2003
  3. All major tournaments since 2003
  4. All WGC tournaments since 2003
  5. All FedEx Cup tournaments since 2003

The second screenshot above shows the new pop-up chart for McIlroy's performance in all tournaments since 2003. This chart shows graphically his impressive performance in that period, finishing in the top ten over 40% of the time (when wins are included). The sixth new chart is accessible from the section title and is a stacked chart showing the breakdown of career performance by tournament type. As shown in the third screenshot above for Rory McIlroy, you can see the overall career, regular tournament, major tournament, WGC tournament and FedEx Cup tournament performance graphically side by side. This allows you to see at a glance what type of event a golfer plays better at.Some notes on the new charts:

  1. In the performance statistics on the Prediction Data page, wins are also counted as top tens (which they are!). However, it made sense to separate wins and top tens for charting purposes.
  2. Zero values are excluded from the five pie charts for legibility. This because the charting technology used in Golf Predictor tends to put the zero labels right on top of each other! The zero values are noted above the chart instead.This is shown in the second screenshot above for non-finishes.
  3. As usual, hovering over a pie slice/bar segment shows more information, as shown in the second and third screenshots above.

These six new charts bring the total number of charts on the site to 310. The five new pie charts are available to all users, but the stacked performance breakdown chart is a premium feature and thus only available to subscribers. So, sign up today to get the most out of Golf Predictor, the premier US and European PGA Tour statistics site.

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